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Email Marketing for Builders

One of the most effective ways to boost a business, email marketing allows builders to reach customers and leads without much overhead. To turn your outbox into a sales generating machine, learn some key fundamentals for more effective connections.

  • Segmenting Lists: Make sure to group your email marketing lists into specific audiences. Recent home buyers do not want to receive emails about available homes. Young families in search of a new home have no interest in emails about senior communities. By segmenting your lists, you can be sure your target audience receives information that is relevant to its needs and demographics.
  • Tailoring your content: Make sure your content revolves around the things your customers care most about. If your audience is family-oriented, focus on recreational programs, community events and school statistics. If the audience is younger, focus on outdoor activities and local nightlife. Whatever the case, it’s important that you change up your messages, depending on the recipients.
  • Use Analytics: Gauge the success of your email marketing campaign using analytics. This will help you determine if your campaign is connecting and converting recipients into sales. If the analytics point toward problems, you need to make adjustments. With analytics, you can change course if necessary; without them, you will be shooting in the dark.
  • Calls-to-Action: Use clear, definitive calls-to-actions which give your customers opportunities to gain more information. This link should lead to a landing page with details on how they can find a home that suits their particular needs.
  • Create a Personal Connection: Potential customers are far less likely to open an email from ÔÇťAdmin.” Make sure to use a real name. It can be someone in your marketing department, a staff member or the company CEO. You can also personalize the email by adding a picture of the sender and contact info at the bottom of the message.
  • Stay Consistent: Send your messages at the same time every week or month. This can prime your audience to expect your email. If your content is intriguing, they will even start looking forward to it, especially if you provide valuable information about the area, community and properties.

Segmentation Is Key

Unless you categorize your contacts based on needs, demographics and other key characteristics, you will have a difficult time targeting their unique interests. You will also risk turning them off with messages that have no bearing on their lives. Be sure to split your contacts up into specific market segments and resist the temptation to send an irrelevant, potentially off-putting topic to one of your key customers.

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