Four reasons to use a real estate agent when buying a new construction home.

0111_Realtor Stiffler1. Purchase Agreement. Real estate agents exercise their expertise when reviewing the contract and builder’s paperwork. They can ensure your best interests as a home buyer are met.

2. Sales price. Home buyers unfamiliar with the market can drastically overpay for a home if they don’t have an experienced professional there to guide them. Even if a home price seems on par with homes in the area, it may be worth significantly less due to specific features or layouts. A real estate agent can work with the builder to come to a fair price, as builders as less likely to negotiate higher or try and take advantage of someone who is well represented.

3. Saving money. Using a real estate agent when buying a new home is completely free. For new construction homes the builder is responsible for paying the commission to the agent.

4. Experience. Inexperienced home buyers often times lack the industry knowledge and connections that come with a real estate agent. Agents have existing relationships with builders and can streamline processes. Also, a well-connected agent can be a great resource for mortgage brokers and homeowner’s insurance referrals.