Include Flexible Storage Solutions in Home Design

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Including Flexible Storage Solutions in Your Home Designs

How to Add Extra Storage When Building a House

Flexible storage is a popular feature in many modern homes because it allows homeowners to get the maximum amount of storage potential while using the minimum amount of space.

Many homeowners will buy storage solutions after they purchase their new home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some of these design elements into your builds. To provide buyers with useful features that will make their lives easier, below are some of the best flexible storage solutions to include in your home designs.

Pull out Shelves

With pull out shelves in their cabinets, homeowners will never have to worry about digging around in the back of the pantry to find what they need. These shelves are most often used in kitchens but can be included in the bathroom, laundry room or any other room that relies on cabinets for storage.

Built-In Bookshelves

Adding built-in bookshelves to the living room is another great way to squeeze as much storage as possible out of a blank wall. Owners can use the shelves for books, displaying family photos, knickknacks or any number of other uses.

Consider adding cabinets to the base of the bookshelf, allowing homeowners to store some of their less attractive things. If you want to tie these design elements together throughout the rest of the home, consider adding a built-in bookshelf to the master bedroom.

Built-In Benches and Window Seats

Are you including features like bay windows in your home builds? If so, consider turning the benches into storage trunks. This flexible storage solution can be easily hidden with other interior design elements once the buyer moves in, like throw pillows and cushions, so guests won’t even know it’s there.

Another creative solution is to build pull-out drawers into your built-in seating. A modern twist on the “trunk storage” idea, the drawers can make accessing stored items easier for homeowners.

Kitchen Islands

If your layout has the space, including a kitchen island is a stylish and useful way to add more storage to this space. Depending on the demographics of your target buyers, you may even consider adding a built-in wine rack.

Recessed Bathroom Cabinetry

Take the concept of a traditional medicine cabinet and amplify it with the addition of recessed bathroom cabinetry. Recessed cabinets blend well with existing design elements, save space and look great.

These cabinets are difficult for the average homeowner to install, making it the perfect storage solution for skilled tradespeople to tackle. It’s important to ensure there aren’t any obstructions like electrical wires and venting pipes — another reason this project is best left to the professionals, like you.

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