Happy New Homeowners Day!

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Happy New Homeowners Day!

Congratulations, buying a house is a major achievement! Now it’s time to celebrate your accomplishment. Below are a few tips on how to celebrate your new home.

  1. Make it your own. Now is a great time to furnish your home the way you want. Once you hang up that last piece of artwork, the house will truly feel like yours. While the temptation to overextend your budget is something every homeowner goes through, be wary of feeling the need to purchase everything at once. Planning out your major and minor purchases will help you enjoy your new space while protecting your budget.
  2. Entertain outdoors. With summer approaching, getting your outdoor space ready for entertaining guests is a great way to enjoy your new home. Invite family and friends, show off your new place and enjoy the summer weather! If you moved into a new neighborhood, take this opportunity to invite your neighbors. A backyard barbeque is a great way to get to know your new neighbors without breaking the bank.
  3. Take a deep breath and relax. Buying a home is both exciting and stressful. Find your favorite corner of your house, and take a moment to reflect on everything you accomplished to buy your new home. It’s time to start feeling relaxed in your new home, so do something for yourself. Order a pizza, open a bottle of champagne or post a picture of your new place on social media.
  4. Take pictures. Your new home might be empty, have tons of boxes everywhere or be completely furnished. Regardless, take lots of pictures as soon as you can. Every moment in your new home will be a memory you may want to capture. Taking pictures of your new home and the moving process is a great way to commemorate the occasion so that you can reflect on it in the future.
  5. Cook your favorite meal. Your new kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your new home. Once your kitchen is unpacked, mark the occasion by preparing your favorite food. Your first cooked meal in your new house is something worthy of celebrating, so prepare something you truly enjoy. Leave the dishes for another day, today is all about celebrating you and your new home!

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate new homeowner’s day, you should feel proud of your accomplishment. Today is about enjoying your new place and forgetting the stresses that can come with buying a new home. Whatever you do, sit back and relax. You’ve earned it!


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