Home Designs That Are Going Out of Style

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Home Designs That Are Going Out of Style

Ditch These Home Design Trends in Your Next Build

The notion that styles and trends come and go isn’t specific to fashion; home design trends are bound to change throughout the years. It’s important to build homes that buyers find to be aesthetically pleasing and want to live in, which is why builders should always stay up-to-date about the preferences of their customers.

So, what’s gone out of style in recent years? Keep reading to learn more about several home designs that are becoming less and less popular amongst consumers.

Tiled Countertops and Over the Range Microwaves

Tile initially became popular as a cheaper alternative to more expensive materials like granite, but the cleaning and upkeep isn’t easy. Homeowners don’t want to spend their time scrubbing grout, so look into alternatives like granite, soapstone, concrete or engineered quartz. This applies to countertops in both the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Builders began putting microwaves over kitchen ranges more than two decades ago in an attempt to save space. However, the appliance can easily be placed too high or too low, which detracts from its usefulness. No two buyers are the same height, so what worked for the initial homeowner might not be as functional for the next. Plus, now that open floor plans are in vogue, homeowners often prefer using that space for aesthetically-pleasing range hoods that won’t be an eyesore from the living room. But where does the microwave go, then? One contemporary (and space-saving) option is a microwave drawer.

Kitchen Desks

Creating a small home office in the kitchen used to be a popular use of space, but modern homeowners prefer features like extra counter space and more storage. A dedicated home office space is a better bet if you want to appeal to buyers.

Industrial Decor and Open Shelving

For a while, loft-style decor was highly sought after. These industrial-style touches include things like brushed metal, exposed brick, and other elements you might see in an unfinished loft apartment. However, this trend is fading away.

Open shelving is another modern design element that’s going out of style. Open floor plans are great, especially for homeowners who love to entertain, but don’t extend that design trend to a home’s kitchen cabinets and shelving. This style has quickly fallen out of favor with buyers who realize that keeping open shelves clean and tidy is easier said than done.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

Large whirlpool bathtubs became all the rage in the 1980s, but they aren’t as timeless as you might think. That’s because homeowners would rather the space be used for features like his-and-her sinks, bigger showers and more counter space or storage.

You can still create a spa-like retreat for homeowners, though. A standard soaking bathtub can be just as luxurious, but owners won’t have to worry about their water bills skyrocketing or about losing precious bathroom space.

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