Home Staging with Empty Rooms Can Kill a Sale

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Why Home Staging With Empty Rooms Can Kill a Sale

Never Leave Rooms Empty When Selling a House

Presenting empty rooms to potential buyers can be quite jarring. These people want to imagine what it will be like to go about their daily lives in a new house, which is why staging is so important. Keep reading to learn more, including affordable home staging tips and tricks.

Home Buyers are Looking for a Place to Call Home

Most buyers will be looking for their next place to call home and it’s important that they’re able to visualize themselves living in that space. Rooms devoid of furniture and other homey touches make it more difficult for a buyer to imagine things like enjoying a family dinner in the dining room, curling up into bed at the end of a long day in the master bedroom or enjoying a movie night with their children.

Of course, your sellers shouldn’t stage the home with a surplus of family photos and niche decor. Help them find a balance between “too personal” and “just right” to make that sale happen.

Buyers Need Reference Points to Understand the True Size of a Room

Furniture like couches, tables and beds can help prospective buyers fully understand the size of a room. When they’re walking through the home these buyers want to know if their bedroom set will fit or whether that new sectional they’ve been coveting has a place in the living room. Incorporating reference points in the form of furnishings helps them make that size connection.

Of course, it’s hard to stage a room properly when there’s no one living in the house. But, even if you’re trying to sell new construction or the previous owners have already moved out, you’ll still need some furniture and decorations in the space.

Empty Spaces Make it Easier for Buyers to Focus on the Negative

A bare-bones room makes it a breeze for buyers to focus on the negative parts of a house. Cracks in the drywall? They’ll be noticed right away. Bubbles under the carpet? They’ll definitely be seen.

Staging an empty room helps buyers focus on the positive aspects of a home, like a cozy dining area or perfect kitchen setup.

How to Stage a House on a Budget

Staging a house doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. If your sellers once lived in the home, suggest they leave behind some furniture and other essentials. A spare bed is great, but even basic lighting can pack a punch. A full couch isn’t a necessity, but perhaps the buyer can spare an accent chair or two plus a small table.

In a pinch you can get even more creative. A large silk plant with some background lighting will be visually appealing and can help lend depth to an otherwise bare room. If there’s no bed in a bedroom, arrange some moving boxes into the size of a bed and toss a nice comforter on. Bath towels are another incredibly cheap staging trick, and they can really dress up those spaces.

With a little ingenuity and commitment to making a space look livable, you’ll never have to worry about poor home staging and empty rooms killing a sale.

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