Improve Outdoor Space with These Home Designs

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Create a Gorgeous Outdoor Space Your Buyers Will Love

Outdoor spaces are among the most loved and important areas of a home. After all, the outside of a home is the first part that prospective buyers see. If the home has a nice backyard, patio or other outdoor living space, it’s also where future homeowners will be spending much of their time.

How can you improve the outdoor space in your designs to sell more homes? Here are 6 of the best ways.

1. Consider Incorporating Corner Windows

Improving outdoor space isn’t just about focusing on what’s outside — you also want the outdoors to be visible when inside the home.

Around-the-corner windows are an attractive way to highlight impressive views, but they look just as striking when framing a backyard.

2. Partner with a Landscape Contractor

If your ideal buyer wants lush landscaping filling up their lot, it could be worthwhile to find a landscape contractor that you can work with again and again.

These pros can choose the best materials and plants for your climate, and residential landscape companies are also able to secure permits and hire subcontractors. They even have knowledge of local building codes.

3. Include Shelter in Outdoor Spaces

Let your buyers get more use out of their outdoor spaces by including some form of protection in your designs. This shelter will be useful no matter where you’re building, since the weather can be unpredictable throughout the country.

This could be as simple as a roof over a patio area, or as complex as a custom, handcrafted pergola.

4. Connect the Living Room and the Outdoors

If your builds feature a ground-floor family room or a walk-out basement, one great way to merge indoor and outdoor spaces is to add doors that open everything up.

Accordion doors, pocket doors and even garage-style doors all look nice and can give the living room an open, breezy feel.

5. Add a Focal Point to Outdoor Spaces

One of the key tenants of interior design is to incorporate focal points into each room. Focal points give the eye something to focus on, and the same concept can be used when designing outdoor spaces.

You could add a pond or other water feature to your designs, or even a fireplace.

6. Design Privacy into your Outdoor Designs

What homeowner wouldn’t love their own hidden outdoor oasis? The magic of a lovely backyard is diminished if the neighbors can hear a conversation from their own back porch.

This can be accomplished with plants (another reason that a landscaping contractor can be helpful) like bamboo or hedges, pull-down screens, wood slat partitions and semi-enclosed pergolas.

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