Four questions to ask to be successful in 2013.


1. Are my goals SMART?

Making SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely – is the first step in making them easier to achieve.
Specific – Increase your chances of accomplishing your goals by making them specific and expressing them in positive terms.
Measurable – Establishing deadlines will help you evaluate your progress and keep you on track, bringing you one step closer to reaching your goals.
Attainable – Make sure you have the resources necessary to achieve your goals.  Once you identify your goals, tasks will reveal themselves.
Realistic – Honestly evaluate the goals you set out to accomplish and make sure you are both willing and able to work for your goals.
Timely – Create a sense of urgency by setting a time frame and develop a plan of action.

2. Do my goals match my values?

If your goals don’t reflect your beliefs and character, then you’ll have difficulty achieving them.  Set goals that are meaningful to you and be clear about the consequences of the outcome.

3. Will you help me?

Ask for support.  Sharing your goals with a few supportive, positive people is key to your progress.
4.  Am I prepared?

Preparation is everything and can help eliminate the frustrating and time consuming “running around” that can derail your progress later on.  Studies have shown that you will save 10 minutes in execution for every minute that you invest in planning or goal setting.