Why buyers and sellers are missing out on you.


Do you know what your unique value proposition is? It’s the reason people are either selling/buying or not selling/buying homes from you. Your unique value proposition is used as your sales pitch describing what makes you different from the competition. Short, sweet and to the point.

Here are a few things to think about:


  • Your message should speak to the type of client you want to work with.
    • Write it out: define the type of clients you’re looking for and make a list of their likes/dislikes, demographics and how they prefer to communicate.
  • You’re not generic, so why sell yourself that way? All real estate professionals have their own techniques to help them get to the closing table. It might be something you do as a reflex, such as email and phone recap after every open house.
  • Be specific. “I sell homes fast.” This is easy for a lot of people to tout. Give more detail: “I can sell your home 23 days faster than the average real estate agent.” This packs more punch.
  • Check out your competitors and compare. Are the services your competitor offers better? Or are there added services that you offer that they don’t? Make a comparative list. If there is a service or step that your competitor does that you don’t, brainstorm how you can improve upon that and make it your own.
  • “But what can you do for ME?” As a real estate professional, you’re offering services to home buyers and sellers to help THEM successfully accomplish a real estate transaction. While this is your unique value proposition, it’s important drive home the fact of how they can benefit from all you do.