Pro-Level Kitchens – Big Attraction to Home Buyers



Pro-Level Kitchens – Big Attraction to Home Buyers

A big attraction for modern home buyers, pro-level kitchens offer significant performance advantages over traditional designs. That said, some builders balk at the idea, due to incompatibilities with standard residential cut-outs. Thanks to a few modern pro-level kitchen appliance packages, builders are able to upgrade their designs to meet the growing demand for professional-grade kitchens.

Assessing the Benefits

Pro-level kitchens don’t just add real monetary value to a home; they also add lifestyle value. While it’s difficult to put an exact ROI on this aspect, there’s no doubt it matters. An attractive, effective kitchen can be a major selling point for a number of reasons.

Pro-level kitchen appliances such as ovens, cooktops, microwaves and refrigerators have excellent insulation, have heavy-duty construction, precise temperature control and effective, versatile designs that either automate tasks or make them a whole lot easier. Homeowners enjoy increased quality, speed and ease of cooking. They no longer have to work around limitations or fight with kitchen appliances, as they would in a conventionally-equipped residential kitchen.

Professional-grade ovens and cooktops are also more predictable, easier to control, more precise and more versatile. For instance, Frigidaire professional-grade cooktops facilitate food preparation with front-facing control knobs and heavy cast-iron grates that form a continuous grid, so the entire surface is suitable for cooking. Homeowners can slide hot, heavy pans around without having to lift or risk spills. Varying burner sizes also make life easier, especially for people who like to host parties and other large gatherings.

Are They Practical?

Not all pro-kitchen appliances are designed to residential standards. In turn, some builders are reluctant to remodel cabinetry and install extra wide doorways to accommodate installation. Fortunately, contemporary designs like the Frigidaire pro series are all sized to fit most standard residential cut-outs. This has paved the way for modern builders to enhance their designs with value-boosting features that bolster a home’s overall appeal.

It can make a big difference, especially in competitive markets, where properties need unique features that differentiate them from similar homes.

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