4 tips for taking great listing photos using your smartphone


Hiring a professional photographer is ideal when marketing your listings, however it takes time and can cost a fair amount of money. Luckily, with the increase in smartphone technology, real estate professionals are now grabbing their iPhone or Android to snap their own photos. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to have quality photos.

  1. Get close and stay focused. The zoom feature is great for getting closer to objects, but lacks clarity and can tend to make photos display fuzzy. Don’t be afraid to get up and walk closer to your subject until you find the right distance and angle for your photo. When viewing your photo area, make sure your subject has enough space around it so the focus doesn’t get lost. At the same time, avoid having too much background area where your photo could get lost in the surrounding scenery.
  1. Keep steady. Smartphone cameras have a longer shutter speed, so it’s important to hold your phone in position for a little longer after clicking the “snap” button. Also, consider leaning up against a wall or resting your arm on a nearby counter to help steady your hand. You can also search an online retailer for a smartphone tripod.


  1. Turn on your grid. This helps compose your shot according to the “rule of thirds” and ensures that your photos are level.
  1. Make a list. Determine the key areas of the house you want to focus on and write a list of the photos you need to take. This helps save time and gives you a moment to think through how you’d like to market the house.