Spring Cleaning – Time to Brighten Up Your House

– 555 e – Spring Cleaning - Time to Brighten Up Your House

Make Your House Stand Out for Spring with These Tips

Winter is over and spring will be in full bloom before we know it. Why not give your home a bit of TLC to shake off the doldrums? Here’s what you can do to brighten up your home after a long, cold winter.

Start Simple with Flowers

Before you dive into the spring cleaning and household projects, set the stage with some fresh flowers. Vases filled with colorful floral arrangements will breathe life into your home while setting the stage for the rest of your home brightening activities.

If you can get them from your own garden that’s ideal, but you can also make a trip to your local florist, grocery store or farmer’s market for some bright blooms. Daffodils, crocus and hyacinth are early bloomers and add invigorating pops of color to any room. You also can’t go wrong with a bouquet of festive spring tulips.

Switch up Your Decor… at Least a Bit

You switch your closet around based on the season, so why should your home’s wardrobe be any different? You don’t have to completely overhaul your interior design scheme, but a few simple switches and additions can have a massive impact.

A new comforter can completely transform your bedroom — and maybe this will be the year that you finally try that all-white palette. Bright throw pillows can transition your living room smoothly into spring. While you’re at it, slipcovers have come a long way in modern times and can be a great way to give your couch or other chairs a makeover.

Clean up the Fireplace

Clear away memories of cold winter nights spent cuddled up next to the fireplace and make room for the next season’s special moments by sweeping out your fireplace. Letting old ashes stick around can stink up a room, so even though this chore isn’t exactly enjoyable, it’s important.

Make your Home Look and Smell like Spring

Once you’ve removed that faint bonfire smell from your living room you’ll want to pick another, more spring-appropriate scent to take its place. Candles aren’t just for winter, so stock up on light scents for the new season.

If you’re keeping flowers around the house, floral scents can complement things nicely. Bright, fresh citrus scents are also great for spring because they’re naturally invigorating.

Give your Yard and Garden some TLC Too

Once the inside of your house is all spruced up for spring you’ll definitely want to make sure that the outside shines just as bright. Sweep away all of the leaves and other debris from your patio and consider giving your flower beds some love so that you can plant your garden as soon as the weather permits.

For a huge impact, grab a paint roller and give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, either. A lively orange might really make your entrance stand out or perhaps turquoise is more your style. If you decide you don’t like the new look, changing it back is a snap.

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