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Top 7 Special Functions Rooms That Interest Consumers

Having all but disappeared from homes during the economic downturn, special function rooms are making a big comeback. Spurred by the continued recovery in the housing market, there’s been renewed interest in home offices, media rooms, exercise space and other areas designated for special purposes. But which special interest rooms pique the most interest? The answers might surprise you.

Consumers Give Their Preferences

Increased property investments have coincided with the special function room revival. That said, homeowners don’t always agree on the best way to utilize extra space. The American Institute of Architects recently conducted a poll to assess the popularity of specific special function rooms. According to survey participants, the top three rooms account for more than 70 percent of the most popular special function areas. Outdoor living spaces topped the list, followed by mud rooms and home offices. Nearly one in ten chose au pair/in-law suites as a preferred special function room, with media rooms/home theaters coming in fifth.

The complete list:

  • 29% – Outdoor living spaces
  • 23% – Mud room
  • 20% – Home office
  • 9% – Au pair/in-law room
  • 6% – Home theater
  • 3% – Hobby/game room
  • 2% – Exercise
  • 8% – Other

In addition to revealing increased interest in special purpose rooms, these results also represent shifting interest in popularity. For example, interest in home theaters has declined in recent years, while au pair/in-law suites have become increasingly popular. Much of this is likely due to growing employment numbers, which have increased the demand for in-home childcare. Likewise, more and more homeowners are becoming caretakers for an aging population of relatives, which often need separate living suites.

Piquing Buyer Interest

By targeting the most popular special function rooms for their homes, builders can attract interest from a larger consumer base. At the same time, it’s important to factor in buyer budgets, lifestyles and regional attitudes when drawing up designs. For instance, while this recent survey appears to show a general decline in media room popularity, there appears to be a core of households that still highly value this type of room. With this in mind, there are clearly instances when a builder can profit more by designing for a specific niche rather than a general group of prospective buyers.

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