Air Force pilot saved by home warranty

Jim Startzman, a Broker Associate, included a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® Systems and Appliances Warranty on a home he sold to an Air Force pilot. Before closing, the home was inspected and all systems and appliances were found to be working correctly and there were no pre-existing conditions. Four weeks after closing on the home, the homeowner noticed that the air conditioner had stopped producing cold air. Since the home had a warranty on it, the homeowner sent in a claim to 2-10 HBW to have a service provider inspect the problem. After inspection, the service provider found that only the compressor needed to be replaced to fix the issue. The service provider sent in his recommendation for repairs to 2-10 HBW for review so they could determine what is covered under the warranty and how to proceed. To Jim and the homeowner’s surprise, 2-10 HBW decided to replace the air conditioner with an entirely new one. “I was so impressed with the level of service that 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty gave my client,” said Jim in response to 2-10 HBW’s resolution to the claim. The homeowner was so pleased that the process was quick and easy to deal with, especially with his busy schedule as an active duty service member.

Jim has worked with other home warranty companies where he has had to step in with the homeowner and fight with the company to get their claim serviced. “It was so refreshing to work with a home warranty company that actually does what they say. For me, it’s not about the money; it’s about the client and ensuring that they enjoy their new home. “