Five things you must know before integrating a warranty program.


You’re integrating a structural warranty program into your home building business – awesome! Then you think, “How does this work?”, “What’s covered?”, “How do I deal with a claim?” And your home buyers will be asking the same thing – will you have the answers?

  1. Educate yourself on what is covered. Having an understanding of the warranty coverage will help you correctly set your buyer’s expectations and help you provide better customer service.
  2. Put a process in place for responding to complaints. The quickest way for a complaint to get escalated is an untimely response or no response at all. Have a prewritten response that you can easily send to your homeowner explaining what your process is for handling claims. This way, you can set expectations for the start.
  3. Train your sales team to understand and know the warranty coverage. It’s a common mistake to tell home buyers that structural warranty coverage covers everything, and in a home buyers eyes, they literally think everything from appliances to changing light bulbs will be covered. Training your sales team you will help save your company from unnecessary homeowner complaints.
  4. Provide correct contact information to your homeowners in the event they need to place a claim. This can be a contact list that is included in the closing statement.
  5. Walk the home buyers through the warranty coverage at closing. This can help lessen the likelihood of any future disputes.