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2-10 Home Warranty Reviews

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“Our real estate agent recommended we go with [2-10]. They are very fast, efficient, and friendly.”
5 Stars
“I’ve used 2-10 home warranty for 20 years now and recently recommended this service to all my real estate clients...”
5 Stars
“My real estate agent told me they were a good company. I’ve called once and they took care of it right away.”
5 Stars
“...our agent gave us a 2-10 warranty to cover the house from the time of listing until closing. Their customer service was excellent.”
5 Stars

6M+ Homes Covered

40+ Years In the Industry

97.5% Of Claims Paid

2-10 Customer Reviews

Why Agents Trust

Real estate agents trust a 2-10 Home Service Plan to protect their transactions, make their listings stand out, and reduce buyer’s remorse. That means stronger reputations and more confidence in moving on to the next transaction.

Agent with Family
2-10 has an overall score of 9.0 from Best Company

2-10 Video Reviews

Watch and listen as these 2-10 Members describe their experiences in their own words.

Muriel switched and came back to 2-10.

Muriel switched backed to 2-10 after trying a different home warranty company. With 2-10 she has experienced great service contractors and now refers whoever she can to 2-10.

Leslie says she saved a fortune.

Leslie’s real estate agent recommended a 2-10 warranty. Even with the plan cost and paying a Service Fee, Leslie has saved money compared to what she would have spent on replacement costs.

Paul got his furnace replaced.

Paul was reluctant at first, but became a 2-10 believer when he found himself paying only an additional $200 to have his furnace replaced.

Christine’s contractor prefers 2-10.

Each time Christine has used 2-10, she has gotten responses in less than 24 hours. Even her contractor recommended 2-10 over other warranty companies.

Tracy’s sink clogged over the weekend.

Sales initially helped Tracy find the right plan and options for her. Then, when she used her plan, the contractor provided helpful tips over the phone and fixed the clog and replaced her garbage disposal.

Third-Party Warranty Reviews

2-10 Is Highly Rated

Most Trusted 2024

Most Trusted


2-10 is the company with highest average trust sentiment within Best Company’s warranty industry category.

Top 3 Ranked

Top 3 Ranked

Years: 2022, 2023, & 2024

2-10 has earned a spot among the Top 3 warranty companies recognized by Best Company three years in a row.

Customers Love Us

Customer Love Us

Years: 2022, 2023, & 2024

2-10 has earned over 50+ 5 star reviews on Best Company three years in a row.

Best Company
2-10 Is Dedicated To Homeowner Satisfaction

How Homeowners Rate Our Service

After each service request is completed, 2-10 surveys the homeowner to see how it went. Check out how our happy homeowners rank their service experiences by trade.

A/C Unit

Heating & Cooling

Star Rating

4.56 Stars

Kitchen Appliances


Star Rating

4.21 Stars



Star Rating

4.42 Stars



Star Rating

4.37 Stars

Breakdowns Can Derail a Sale

Why Choose 2-10?

A 2-10 Home Service Plan can provide peace of mind and make a home stand out on the market. Enroll your client’s home in 2-10 Buyer or Seller Coverage today!

  • Over 6 Million Homes Covered
  • 40+ years in the industry
  • 97.5% of claims paid
  • ‘Even If’ Service Fee GuaranteeSM

Seller Coverage

*Complimentary Seller coverage is for the listing period and begins immediately upon enrollment. Coverage is for a term of 180 days, until close of sale, or until the listing is canceled, whichever occurs first.

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Buyer Coverage

Coverage for major appliances (including refrigerator with ice maker), HVAC, water heater, electrical, plumbing, and more. Buyer coverage is for one year and can be renewed annually by the homeowner.

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Comprehensive, Flexible, Convenient: Home Service Plans for Buyers and Sellers

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