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Build to Rent is booming, and we can help you

The Build to Rent (BTR) space has endless potential. To succeed on your terms, you need a guide who knows how to manage risk and protect investments better than anyone else in the structural warranty space.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) offers the industry’s first-of-its-kind tenant-occupied structural warranty and unmatched support—along with the risk management products you’ve known and trusted for more than 40 years—that can give you a competitive advantage in the booming BTR single-family home real estate market.

2-10 HBW offers

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A differentiator

2-10 HBW’s expert guidance in warranties, agreements, and risk mitigation differentiates you and helps prevent future unforeseen losses.

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Front-to-back support

Warranty administration, flexible warranty terms, and our exclusive 2-10 HBW Front Line Warranty Service let you build your portfolio with confidence.

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Investment protection

Coverage that matches you Statute of Repose (e.g., 10 years), which protects builders, real estate investors, and potential exit strategies against the outlandish costs of unexpected structural defects

How 2-10 HBW supports you in Build to Rent

From ground breaking to handshaking and beyond, 2-10 HBW is there for you every step of the way as you enter this new space.

Sets clear expectations

2-10 HBW clarifies who’s responsible for what regarding defects, which can maximize trust, minimize issues, and mitigate conflicts effectively.

Protects the investment

2-10 HBW protects investments by reducing risk exposure, possibly lowering insurance costs, and letting you plan for a successful future more clearly.

Keeps incentives aligned

2-10 HBW can provide expert consultation that aligns incentives for builders and investors, creating a more positive, holistic experience.

Why 2-10 HBW?

For more than 40 years, 2-10 HBW has been a leader in guiding clients of all sizes through the nuances of the BTR market.

As you enter the housing market for single-family rentals, let 2-10 HBW:

  • Protect your reputation and bottom line for all your BTR communities.
  • Set and fulfill expectations for everyone you work with.
  • Safeguard investors’ investments in the rental market.
  • Support rental property managers, whether internal or external.
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Choose the industry expert today!

To maximize occupancy, address unaffordable home prices, and provide the lifestyle people need, you need an expert guide who can help you manage and overcome the new (and exciting) implications within the Build to Rent market.

Let 2-10 HBW be your guide through this new frontier as you pursue your place in the Build to Rent space.

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