Using Buyer Case Studies to Market Custom Homes | 2-10 Blog

How to Create a Compelling Case Study for Home Buyers A case study about a great home buying experience can help solidify your credibility in the eyes of prospective customers. Here are some tips for creating and marketing a buyer case study. Why and How it Works Custom homes are visual, personal products requiring a […]

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4 Ways Builders Can Set New Homes Apart | 2-10 Blog

4 Ways Builders Can Set Their New Homes Apart from Similar Inventory Building codes set minimum standards that make homes safer and insurable. While they have to adhere to these codes, there’s nothing to keep builders from going the extra mile when possible. When they build beyond the code, residential construction businesses are able to […]

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5 Workforce Morale Boosters for Home Builders | 2-10 Blog

5 Workforce Morale Boosters for Home Builders The lingering skilled labor shortage has made it difficult for builders to find reliable workers. This makes it more important to keep the ones they already have. Since happy crews tend to be more effective, builders need to look for ways to improve morale on their job sites. […]

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7 Features Buyers Want in a Custom Home | 2-10 Blog

What Modern Buyers Want Most in a Custom Home While some home buyers know exactly what they want in a custom home, others need a little guidance. Build the custom homes your buyers want by including these popular features in your next build. Airy, Expansive Kitchens According to a recent survey from the National Association […]

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Pros and Cons of Building Brick Homes | 2-10 Blog

Why You Should — and Shouldn’t — Build a New Brick Home Is building with brick a good option for your residential construction company? The answer depends on the preferences of your buyers, cost, how durable the home needs to be and more. Here are some of the most relevant pros and cons of building […]

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The Outdoor Kitchen Trend in New Homes | 2-10 Blog

Outdoor Kitchens are a Popular Trend Among Home Buyers Bringing indoor amenities to the outdoors is a popular homeowner trend. Outdoor kitchens are a great way for builders to incorporate this preference, while adding value to a new home. Here’s why you should consider adding exterior kitchens to design plans, plus some tips for creating […]

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