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Everything's bigger in Texas, including building risks. That's why Texas builders become Builder Members.

Areas of Texas represent some of the highest risk for structural claims in the entire country, based on historical data. That’s why 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) offers a 10 year structural warranty to meet the needs of builders and homeowners in the Lone Star State.

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Top 7 benefits of becoming a 2-10 HBW Builder Member in Texas

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Protect homeowners and your business by transferring your risk to an insurance-backed structural warranty effective from day of closing

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2-10 HBW workmanship, systems and structural warranties follow the Performance Standards developed and accepted by the Texas Association of Builders (TAB)

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No soil exclusions

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Cover qualified structural-defect repair costs for 10 years through the 2-10 HBW insurance-backed structural warranty

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Save time and money, and minimize frivolous lawsuits through 2-10 HBW-administered dispute resolution and arbitration, upheld by the Supreme Court

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Offer fully transferable warranties to your buyers, with no mandatory builder deductibles

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Give yourself, potential buyers and homeowners peace of mind by providing the nation's industry-leading structural warranty

What is a 2-10 HBW structural warranty?

2-10 HBW is the leading provider of structural home warranties in the US. Our structural warranty covers workmanship defects for 1 year, distribution systems defects for 2 years and structural defects for 10 years.

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NH workmanship


Clearly defined construction standards for defects in materials and workmanship.

NH dist systems

Distribution systems

Clearly defined construction standards for defects in the distribution of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.

NH structural


  • Insurance-backed coverage
  • Load-bearing elements
  • Soil movement, including settlement and heave

Why should Texas builders choose 2-10 HBW?

In Texas, home foundations fail at a rate 10 times higher than the national average, and our great state is one of the Top 3 highest risk states for structural failures. Foundation movement is the leading cause of structural claims, and soil problems are often to blame. Shifting soils, improperly compacted soils and other factors can all lead to structural failures in a home, especially in a large state with a vast array of soil types. Luckily, there’s a comprehensive solution for Texas builders.

The 2-10 HBW program has paid over $63 million on behalf of Texas builders. We also have a long history of protecting builders’ interests in the state, and with more than 150 years of combined engineering and construction experience, we understand the unique complexities of building homes here.

10x higher

rate of home foundation failures in Texas than the national average

$63 million

paid out by 2-10 HBW for structural claims in Texas

Benefits of a Texas builders warranty

Protect your profit on every home you build

Each warranty call you receive erodes your bottom line. Whether it's a major structural defect or simply a meticulous homeowner, every call costs you money.

Promote your quality and create homeowner confidence

Our warranties provide third-party validation of the quality of your work, strengthen your legal position, advance your reputation among your competition and put buyers' anxieties at ease.

Plan for your future by controlling what's behind you

With every home you build, your exposure to risk increases. By law, you are responsible for the financial impact of any structural defect that occurs in the homes you build for the entire Statute of Repose for your state.

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2-10 HBW structural warranties in Texas explained

Gain the confidence of your buyers with our structural warranties, which protect homes right from the day of closing. A 2-10 HBW structural warranty is the most common new-home warranty product provided by quality home builders, with 1 in 7 new homes sold in America covered by a 2-10 HBW structural warranty.

What load-bearing components are covered in Texas with a 2-10 HBW structural warranty?

A full suite of warranties and services to help you protect your profits, promote your quality and plan for the future.

More builders choose 2-10 HBW for warranty services

As the largest and most experienced structural warranty provider, we've seen more and covered more than anyone else. Our size and expertise means more resources to better serve you and your homeowners.


Become a 2-10 HBW Texas Builder Member

Before purchasing structural coverage for each home you build, you'll have to become a 2-10 HBW Builder Member.

To complete an application, you'll need a few pieces of information, including:

  • Number of homes built the past 3 years
  • Average sales price
  • Estimated number of homes you plan to sell/close on and enroll in the 2-10 HBW program

Once your application is approved, you'll receive your online login credentials to easily manage your warranty coverage and enroll your homes.

Engineering, soil and state inspections may be required prior to enrolling a home. Don't worry. We will work with you to make enrolling as easy as possible.

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41 years in the industry
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We've covered over
6 million homes
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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is a member of the Texas Association of Builders.