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Structural warranties from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty help you meet FHA and VA loan requirements, all while protecting you and your business.

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Does this situation sound familiar?

You’ve scheduled a closing date, then the mortgage company calls with another requirement — you need to provide a HUD-approved 10 year warranty on the home.

It’s a scenario that many builders have encountered: They get to the closing table with a buyer, only to find that there are additional requirements to fulfill when the buyer is using an FHA loan for their mortgage.

What do you do and where do you go to acquire this coverage?

If a lender has instructed you to get a warranty from a HUD-approved company, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) can fulfill those requirements. You can even have your approval within 72 hours. If you're working on a tighter timeline, just give us a call at 877.777.1344 and we can discuss your options.

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Do I need a HUD-approved warranty for my builds?

When you have a buyer with an FHA, VA or RHS loan, the mortgage underwriter ultimately controls whether you need to provide a HUD-approved warranty. Sometimes, a mortgage underwriter will accept local inspection. Other times, you'll be required to secure a HUD-approved warranty.

HUD requirements for new-home warranties include:

  • 1 year surety coverage against defects in the workmanship and materials.
  • 2 year surety coverage against defects in distribution systems.
  • 10 year coverage against structural defects in the home.

Getting approved for a 10 year structural warranty from 2-10 HBW: online, phone and in person

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Complete the standard application online

You'll need your federal ID number and basic information about the last 3 years of your business (including how many homes you've built, the average sales price, the number of homes you plan to build in the next 12 months and the average price of those homes).

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Call us at 877.777.1344

If you’re on a job or in a time crunch and have all of the necessary information, we’ve even helped builders fill out and submit their applications right from the job site. A representative will help you fill out the application, then all that’s required is an electronic signature.

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Meet your local representative

Meet with a local 2-10 HBW Risk Management Specialist or Builder Solution Specialist. Our team of experts, covering 48 states, is ready to support your needs in home building, home warranty, engineering, soils and risk management.

Builders like you can easily submit an application for 10 year structural warranty approval in 3 easy ways: phone, online or in-person.

No tax returns, profit and loss statements, or buyer names and contact information are required to complete the application.

Request a Builder Quote

Easy, stress-free and fast builder membership application

No matter how you choose to complete the application, the process is easy, stress free and fast. It’s not unheard of for the application to take fewer than 10 minutes to complete.

You'll get through closing faster so that you can continue doing what you do best — building homes. Plus, no tax returns, profit and loss statements, or buyer names and contact information are required to complete the application.

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Structural warranties from 2-10 HBW do more than just help builders meet HUD requirements

Other benefits for builders working with buyers who have secured an FHA loan:

Sell more homes

Most home buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a home with warranty coverage. One study found that 94% of prospective home buyers said they would be more likely to purchase a home from a builder who offers a structural warranty.

Protect your buyers

Your buyers trust that you've built a structurally sound home, but foundations can be fickle. In fact, 25% of all US homes will experience some form of structural distress over their lifetime, and 5% of all homes will sustain major structural damages. Warranty coverage ensures that the structural integrity of those homes can be restored without financial headaches.

Avoid costly legal battles

As a builder, you want to manage the potential risks that are part of doing business, especially if those risks could lead to costly legal battles if something goes wrong after you’ve finished building a home. Home builders warranties are part of a comprehensive builder risk-management program.

Buyer education is part of the package

Every homeowner can benefit from knowing more about their home, and warranties emphasize educating the homeowner about proper maintenance. When homeowners know more, they’ll be less likely to come to you about small concerns and minor issues. They’ll be empowered to maintain their home properly, ensuring they stay happy with their purchase for years to come.

Everyone's experience is that they haven't
had a claim — until they've had one.

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$42K to $113K

Average cost of a structural claim

Why 2-10 HBW?

From building to selling and buying, 2-10 HBW has been in the business of protecting homes with insurance-backed warranties since the 1980s. We’ve covered over 6 million homes in 48 states from the unexpected, saving builders and homeowners alike from financial surprise.

As a HUD-approved warranty company, we also have to meet certain requirements every 2–3 years to remain a qualified provider. As a result, our HUD-backed written standards are clear about what is covered under the warranty, so there's no confusion.

We also have more field representatives and Risk Management Specialists in the field than all of the other warranty companies combined. Relationships with our customers are the backbone of the business, and we believe that face-to-face interactions are still important.

When you work with 2-10 HBW, your business will have the support it needs, from sales to closing to warranty administration. Whether you prefer to communicate online, on the phone or in person, we're here when you need us.

To get started with 2-10 HBW's HUD-approved warranties for buyers with FHA loans, request a quote today.

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We've covered over
6 million homes
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$300 million in structural claims paid nationally

Become a 2-10 HBW Builder Member

The first step to purchasing structural warranty coverage from 2-10 HBW is to become a Builder Member.

To become a Builder Member, we’ll need some information from you, including:

  • The number of homes you’ve built in the last 3 years
  • The average sales price of your homes
  • An estimate of how many homes you plan to sell and enroll with 2-10 HBW

Once 2-10 HBW approves your application, we will send you login credentials. From the Builder Portal, you can easily manage warranty coverage and enroll your homes.

You may need to submit to engineering, soil and/or state inspections before enrollment. But we will work with you to make enrolling as easy as possible.

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