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Home Maintenance Topics

Interior Maintenance

Doors and Windows

To ensure proper operation, security, weather resistance, and intended use
Twice a year
  • Check window and door integrity and operation.
  • Check weather stripping and assure that an airtight seal forms when closed. Replace loose or damaged weather stripping.
  • Check door and window hardware (hinges, knobs, pins, latches, locks, etc.). Adjust, tighten, and lubricate where necessary.
  • Spray graphite into keyholes and onto hinges when lubricating. Never use oil.
  • Make sure door latch bolts and dead bolts engage properly.
  • Look for binding or rubbing in the frames, cracked panes, difficult operation, locking problems, and cracking or peeling paint or varnish. Adjust, lubricate, clean, and reseal as necessary.
  • Door thresholds can often be adjusted by loosening or tightening the threshold screws. Don’t forget to lubricate the tracks for sliding and pocket doors.
  • Paint or seal the top and bottom of doors to reduce moisture penetration and wood shrinking or swelling.
  • Don’t sand or plane a door until it has been exposed to the various moisture changes of every season.
  • Keep windows clean with mixtures of vinegar, soap, and water. Read more about cleaning windows.