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Troubleshooting Breakdowns

Troubleshooting Appliance Breakdowns

Use these recommendations, along with your manufacturer’s instruction manual, to perform maintenance and try to get it running right away!

If these tips don’t help and you have an active 2-10 Home Service Plan, we can help! Just log in to your Homeowner Portal account, check your service contract, and file a claim if you have refrigerator coverage!

Refrigerator Breakdowns

Possible Cause
Possible Solution
Unit isn't plugged in
Plug in unit
Blown fuse
Check fuse box/circuit breaker
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The unit may not be level
Level the unit
The drain pan is rattling
Make sure the pan is not touching the sides or the compressor
The fan blades are hitting something
Make sure the fan blades are not bent or obstructed
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The condenser coils are dirty
Clean the coils with a vacuum
The condenser fan is malfunctioning
Check the fan and repair or replace as necessary
The thermostat is not set properly
Adjust the thermostat as necessary
The door gasket is defective
Replace the door gasket to eliminate cold air from escaping
The room temperature is very hot
The unit may be operating properly, try to cool the room
Heavy frost accumulation
Defrost the unit more frequently
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The drains are clogged
Clear the drains
The door gasket leaks or is damaged
Replace the door gasket
The drain hose is damaged or cracked
Replace the drain hose
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The drain line is clogged or the drain pan is full
Clear the drain line and empty the drain pan
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The drain pan is dirty
Clean and sanitize the drain pan
There is spoiled food in the unit
Remove any spoiled food. Keep an open container of baking soda in the unit until the odor is gone