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Interior Maintenance

Wood Trim

To preserve appearance
Once a year
  • Examine all baseboards, chair rails, crown molding, door frames, and window frames. Changing humidity levels can cause wood to shrink, crack, and warp.
  • Look for dust accumulation, cracks, corner separations, or warping.
    • Wipe off dust with a damp sponge. For stained trim, treat with a good quality furniture polish.
    • For cracks or corner separations, fill in gaps with a matching wood putty.
    • Treat with furniture polish for stained wood or repaint with a matching color for painted wood.
    • Warped trim boards can be resecured with finish nails. Set the finished nail heads slightly into the wood with a nail set tool, then cover nail heads with matching wood putty for stained wood or touch-up paint for painted wood.