Why Would a Seller Offer a Home Warranty?

A seller would offer a home warranty to make their home more desirable to prospective buyers. A home with a warranty is more likely to sell quickly as the home warranty protection gives the buyer more confidence and peace of mind with their purchase.

Some warranties provide buyers more coverage than a seller on items. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your home warranty so you understand your specific coverage.

Who pays for a home warranty – buyer or seller?

A seller may pay for a home warranty to ensure a buyer doesn’t call them after the sale if something breaks. If the seller does not include a home warranty as part of the sale, the buyer may wish to protect the home’s systems and appliances.

What does a seller’s warranty cover?

A seller’s warranty covers the home’s systems and appliances while it’s on the market. Once the home is sold, the warranty can be transferred to the buyer for 12 months of coverage, starting the day after closing.

Do realtors make a commission on a home warranty?

Realtors do not make a commission on a home warranty. Your realtor may encourage you to include a home warranty to decrease the number of days your home is on the market. Alternatively, if you are buying a home, your realtor may suggest that you request a home warranty from the seller or that you purchase a home warranty for your own financial protection.

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