Press Release: 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Announces its Top Sales Professionals from 2018

cosl 2019

All Honorees to Become Members of the Prestigious 2019 Council of Sales Leadership

Denver, CO – 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW), an industry-leading provider of new home structural warranties and systems and appliances coverage for new and existing homes, recently announced the winners of its 2019 Council of Sales Leadership (COSL) program.

The Council of Sales Leadership is an annual program developed to recognize the top sales professionals and sales leaders within 2-10 HBW. To qualify, each individual must display strong sales expertise and consistent sales growth, while delivering continued trustworthiness and integrity to every customer. The top 20 sales professionals and leaders received this recognition for 2018.

As part of the program, COSL members are awarded a destination trip and additional recognition. This year, the COSL members and their guest of choice will enjoy a 5-night trip to a luxurious resort in beautiful Costa Rica to network with their peers and share best practices.

cosl 2019

Top 8 New Home Risk Management Specialists
#1 – Keisha Hulsey
#2 – Patricia Raymer
#3 – Jacob Echevarria
#4 – Daniel Smith
#5 – Bill Connor
#6 – Karen McCorkle
#7 – Terry Graham
#8 – Valerie Worth

Top New Home Leadership
#1 RVP – Bill Flack
#2 RVP – Glenn Findley

Top 8 Realtor Account Executives
#1 – Pam Hurt
#2 – Heather Chumbler-Rich
#3 – Trish Spivey
#4 – Stacey Santroni
#5 – John Marmer
#6 – Robbie Rivardo
#7 – Kiah Stone
#8 – Jason Durban

Top Realtor Leadership
#1 – Kim Warren
#2 – Louri Kearns

11 additional sales professionals became members of COSL for exceeding an annual growth goal over the prior year. These individuals, and a guest, will also enjoy Costa Rica.

New Home Risk Management Specialists
Mike Jones
Karen Lott
Roger Kline
Keith Perkins
Phil Dunlevy
Lonnie Williams
Chris Parker

Realtor Account Executives
Felix Buitrago
Lois Boggs
Nancy Douglas
Linda Schell Rakers

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