A Home-Grown Structural Warranty for Texas Builders

Areas of Texas represent some of the highest risk for structural claims in the entire country based on historic data. That's why 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) offers a 10 year structural warranty to meet the needs of builders and homeowners in the Lone Star State.

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Why Should Texas Builders Choose 2-10 HBW?

In Texas, home foundations fail at a rate 10 times higher than the national average, and our great state is one of the "Top 3" highest risk states for structural failures. Foundation movement is the leading cause of structural claims, and soil problems are often to blame. Shifting soils, improperly compacted soils, and other factors can all lead to structural failures in a home, especially in a large state with a vast array of soil types. Luckily, there's a comprehensive solution for Texas builders.

The 2-10 HBW program has paid over $63 million on behalf of Texas builders. We also have a long history of protecting builders' interests in the state, and with more than 150 years of combined engineering and construction experience, we understand the unique complexities of building homes here.


Benefits of an Insurance-Backed 10 Year Structural Warranty from 2-10 HBW

Coverage starts on Day 1.

Once your application is approved and your homes are enrolled, coverage for those homes starts immediately. In fact, our structural warranty product provides the most comprehensive coverage in the market, including coverage for damages caused by soil movement.

Coverage for
Soil Movement

80% of all structural claims in the U.S. are caused by soil movement, and Texas has some of the most active soils in the country. To make things even trickier, there are more than 1,300 different types of soil throughout the state, and each presents unique challenges. The most efficient and effective way to protect the homes you build is to insure them with a comprehensive warranty, and 2-10 HBW's structural warranties cover home foundations built on any soil type.

Protect homeowners AND your business.

Despite the best efforts of builders, unforeseen problems do occur that cause structural defects. With a 2-10 HBW warranty, homeowners and builders are both protected from the financial burden of a structural failure.

Stay out
of court.

At one time, the Texas courts were clogged with residential construction litigation. Structural warranties, like the TAB-approved 2-10 HBW warranty, have helped solve this problem. Our structural warranties include binding dispute resolution and arbitration upheld by the Supreme Court, saving builders time and money on court costs.

Made by Texans, for Texans.

This popular warranty was originally developed by the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC), and later adopted by the Texas Association of Builders (TAB). As a strong supporter of TAB, 2-10 HBW has been serving the warranty needs of Texas builders for over 35 years.

Front Line Warranty Service (FLWS).

With 2-10 HBW, builders also have the opportunity to take advantage of our Front Line Warranty Service. With this service, builders no longer have to take warranty calls and answer homeowner questions – we do that for you, so you can focus on building homes and building your business.

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2-10 HBW Structural Warranties in Texas Explained: What's Covered?

Give your buyers confidence that their biggest investment is protected for years to come with our structural warranties. Each 10 year structural warranty also offers 1 year of workmanship coverage and 2 years of distribution systems coverage.

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1 Year Workmanship

The 1 year component of a 2-10 HBW structural warranty provides surety coverage against defects in workmanship and materials in the following areas:

Foundation & Concrete: Defects in concrete foundation walls, attached-garage floors, slab-on-grade floors with finish flooring, stoops and steps; and interior concrete.

Site Work (Grading & Drainage): Protection against defects in the grading established by the builder or seller around backfilled areas within 10-feet of the foundation so surface water drains away from the home.

Masonry: Workmanship on masonry, brick, and stone veneer; and stucco and cement plaster walls.

Mechanical: Defects in the plumbing and water supply fixtures such as faucets, valves and water pipes, as well as adequacy of the heating and cooling systems.

Electrical: Coverage on receptacles, fixtures, fuses, ground fault interrupters, and circuit breakers.

Thermal & Moisture Protection: Defects in waterproofing, moisture control and ventilation in attics and roofs; insulation around living areas; exterior wall caulking; and siding, gutters and downspouts.

Doors & Windows: Interior, exterior and garage doors; door knobs, deadbolts and locksets; weather-stripping; wood, plastic and metal windows; glass and glazing; and storm doors, windows and screens are covered.

Finishes (Drywall, Paint, Carpet, etc.): Defects in the drywall, lath, and plaster walls and ceilings; hard-surface flooring, bathtubs, showers and countertops; resilient and finished-wood flooring; interior and exterior painting; and carpeting.

Carpentry: Qualified defects in woodwork including interior and exterior finish carpentry, as well as plywood, joists, wood beams and posts; wood-framed floors, walls and ceilings; and wood sheathing and subflooring.

Specialties (Fireplace): Coverage includes the fireplace or chimney draw, chimney connection to the house and masonry hearth or facing.

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2 Years Distribution Systems

The 2 year systems surety element covers defects in wiring, piping, and ductwork in electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilating and mechanical systems:

Electrical System (Wiring): Wiring and electrical conductors.

Mechanical (Plumbing): Waste, vent, and water pipe leaks and bursts; heating and air conditioning refrigerant line leaks; and water supply and septic tank system operation.

Mechanical (Ductwork): Repairs to the home's heating and cooling ductwork if it separates or detaches.

Mechanical (Waste Piping): Repairs to sanitary sewers, fixtures, and waste and drain lines to prevent clogs or poor drainage.

10 Years Structural

Our 10 year warranty provides coverage for structural defects to load-bearing components of the home's structure, which includes:

Footings and foundation systems


Beams and girders

Load-bearing walls and partitions

Floor framing

Roof framing systems

The Enrollment Process

  1. Before purchasing structural coverage for each home you build, you'll have to become a 2-10 HBW Builder Member.
  2. To complete an application, you'll need a few pieces of information, including but not limited to:
    + Number of homes built the past 3 years
    + Averages sales price
    + Estimated number of homes you plan to sell/close on and enroll in the 2-10 HBW program
  3. Once your application is approved, you'll receive your online login credentials to easily manage your warranty coverage and enroll your homes.
  4. Congratulations, every home you build and enroll will now be covered by the most comprehensive 10 year structural warranty in the industry!
    *Engineering, soil and state inspections may be required prior to enrolling a home. Don't worry, we will work with you to make enrolling as easy as possible.
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How to Protect Your Business and the Homes You Build – Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Structural warranties give builders and homeowners alike assurance they are protected, and because third party warranties are so common in Texas, offering a warranty helps builders be competitive.

Further, because Texas is the second largest state in the country, it has very diverse geological and meteorological characteristics. The elevation varies dramatically, ranging from sea level to over 8,000 feet — which means we have lots of different soil types. Rainfall is another consideration when building, as precipitation amounts vary from less than 14" per year in the arid west to over 54" in the coastal east. The geologic conditions and hazards for home construction vary considerably, often over short distances, and a quality structural warranty will cover homes in all of these areas.

No, 2-10 HBW's warranty does not exclude "drought." After all, some part of Texas is always experiencing drought.

Absolutely. We offer fully transferable warranties to your buyers. If the original home buyer sells their home before the 10 year coverage is complete, this protection can be transferred to the new owner.

Yes, our 2-10 insurance-backed structural warranties are HUD approved.

We have been proudly providing structural warranties and risk management solutions in Texas for over 30 years. We have five hands-on Builder Solution Specialists that reside in Texas, and two of our professional engineers are licensed in Texas.

Consistent with standard industry practice and the International Residential Code (IRC), 2-10 HBW has special enrollment requirements for high-risk areas (see the list below) to help builder members manage their risk and reduce the potential for claims.


These requirements may include:

  • A geotechnical investigation submitted prior to the start of construction.
  • A final grade inspection to confirm grading and gutters, which must be submitted with the Home Enrollment Application.
  • A controlled method of water disposal (such as gutters) from roofs that will collect roof drainage to the ground surface, at least 5 feet from the foundation.

Don't worry, though, with 2-10 HBW you've got an experienced team ready to help you navigate the process. To learn more about enrolling homes built in high risk areas, please contact your local Builder Solutions Specialist or call 855-280-1324 for additional information.

2-10 HBW’s warranty products are reinsured by Swiss Re and SCOR Re, two of the world’s largest reinsurers. With combined surplus holdings in excess of $4 billion, you can trust the financial backing of our warranties. We have paid out more than $250 million in structural defect claims, helping our builders protect their business and their customers.

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