Here’s what a few of our 2-10 HBW builder members are saying about us…


“Very easy to communicate with and very clear yes-or-no answers on warrantied items.”

-DeAnna J., Arizona

“The process is very easy. Good customer service when I have questions.”

-Julia, Texas

“Our specialist, Judy, is very supportive. Customer service is always efficient and helpful.”

-Sharon, Colorado

“We are satisfied because what [2-10 HBW] is doing works well. Don’t change a thing. Great service.”

-Dave L., New Jersey

“I could call my rep and he answers the phone without being put on hold or going through many prompts.”

-Meade P., Virginia

“It has been a pleasure working with the 2-10 HBW staff. Our representative has always been excellent in customer support. She has walked us through the warranty registration process as well as obtained technical opinions from the engineering department for us. In addition, she also monitors our registrations for rate accuracy as they come in.”

-LeAnne W., California

“If a colleague was in the market for this kind of product, I would recommend 2-10 HBW because of the excellent customer service and ease of use.”

-Kevin M., Florida