10 Best Construction Blogs On the Web

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The best construction blogs provide invaluable industry news, best practices and fresh ideas. If you’d like to sharpen your abilities, explore new opportunities and sidestep common blunders, here are the top places to find construction-related reading material.

  1. Building Design + Construction: This intriguing blog offers a diverse collection of articles focusing on just about every aspect of construction and building design. It also provides some insightful perspectives on business strategies, which make it especially compelling for managers and executives.
  2. Constructionomics: The brainchild of a construction manager, John Poole, this engaging blog delivers content from specific points of view. It also has a ton of articles dating all the way back to 2009.
  3. Federal Construction Contracting Blog: If you’ve considered making an attempt at a government contract, this blog is a great resource for information. Learn how to obtain sureties and access correct documents, while keeping yourself abreast of current legal news.
  4. Landezine: This unique blog is a great resource for professionals who specialize in construction landscape design. In addition to great written content focusing on residential and commercial projects, the blog includes striking photos that are complemented by light commentary.
  5. Inhabitat: With a strong focus on the design side of construction, this blog explores the technology, materials and practices that drive sustainability in modern construction environments.
  6. Best Practices Construction Law: Focusing on industry best practices, this blog includes project analyses, review articles and fascinating “lessons learned” stories. It also provides insight into legal considerations and technologies that offer big benefits, whether you are working on a residential development or a “green” commercial office building.
  7. Build Blog: With a singular dedication to architecture, this blog dives into the art of construction, through a number of informative, entertaining posts.
  8. Construction Informer:  Operated by Duane Craig, this informative blog offers a diverse range of timely content, including in-depth articles and interviews. It’s also a place where people in the construction industry can participate in discussions about the profession.
  9. Construction Marketing Association: The CMA is a professional group that provides resources and support for marketers in the construction category. Through its blog, the organization covers a variety of construction topics, while also delivering breaking news within the industry. The Construction Marketing Association also offers webcasts on construction topics, along with information on expositions and trade shows.
  10. Raken: A construction software development company, Raken offers an informative blog that helps keep contractors abreast of industry trends, news, technology and education, along with regional job opportunities.


Staying Up to Date

Even the most seasoned construction experts need to stay aware of market conditions, current trends and modern materials. No matter how busy your schedule, it’s important to find some time to further your education by reading content from experts and peers. Blogs are a great way to get relevant, real-world information from people who have their boots on the ground. They can also provide valuable information, stories and case studies that help contractors avoid potential mistakes that can seriously harm their brands.


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