15 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill This Winter

30 Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill This Winter

Energy bills can skyrocket during the coldest months of the season, thanks to poor insulation and rising energy costs. Fortunately, you can cut your heating bills by making a few smart adjustments to your daily routine. If you’re not sure where to start, the following tips can help.

Lower Your Thermostat to the Lowest Comfortable Setting

Dropping your thermostat down just one degree can lead to a 3% decrease in your monthly utility bill. Additionally, the US Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 68°F for optimal comfort and savings.

Check Your Air Vents for Obstructions

Your furnace won’t help much if your vents are blocked! Check that they’re open first. Then, remove any clothes, shoes, or chilly pets that may like to lie on top of the vent.

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Open the Drapes

Yes, opening your drapes can help lower your bills. Open them on sunny days in the morning to take advantage of the sunlight. As the sun sets, close them to retain heat.

Leave Storm Doors and Windows Closed Whenever the Heater Is On

Double-check for gaps or cracks that might let warm air escape unintentionally.

Drop Your Heat Down While You’re Out

If you’ll be gone for a day or two, consider lowering your thermostat to 65°F. That way, you aren’t heating your home unnecessarily. However, if you have pets, consider leaving it a little warmer for them.


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Set Your Ceiling Fan to Rotate Clockwise

Yes, your ceiling fan can warm you up if you set it to rotate clockwise. This can help warm the area immediately under it and prevent you from dialing the heat up.

Wash Laundry in the Coolest Water Possible

Make sure to use full loads as well.

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Try Using One Large Bulb Instead of Several Smaller Ones

Larger bulbs tend to be more efficient than multiple smaller bulbs. As a bonus, try using LED lighting to save even more energy.

Shut Off Electronics and Lights Whenever No One’s Home or in the Room

This is an easy one, but it’s also easy to forget. Additionally, consider purchasing smart outlets that reduce the use of phantom energy.

Refrigerator Temperature: What Should It Be?

Set Your Fridge and Freezer Temperatures Properly

Keep freezer temperatures at 0–5°F. Keep refrigerator temperatures at 36–40°F.

Defrost Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Whenever frost becomes a quarter-inch thick, you should defrost it for better effectiveness.

Use Your Dryer Properly

Don’t overload your clothes dryer and make sure to clean the lint filter after every load.

Close Your Fireplace Damper

When you’re not using it, close your fireplace damper to keep cold air from sneaking in.

Layer Up

Instead of increasing the heat, wear layers indoors.

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