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Winners of the 2014 2-10 HBW Council of Sales Leadership

2-10 HBW Council of Sales Leadership


We’re proud to announce the winners of our 2014 Council of Sales Leadership (COSL), an annual program developed to recognize top sales leaders that display optimal sales expertise, while delivering trustworthiness and integrity to every customer, every day, every time. Winners are designated by revenue and growth – the top ten sales people are selected using these guidelines.




The winners are:


Keisha Hulsey – Risk Management Specialist (#1 in sales)

Bill Connor – Risk Management Specialist

Brenda Godfrey – Risk Management Specialist

Jennifer Malone Wiseman – Risk Management Specialist

Keith Perkins – Risk Management Specialist

Lonnie Williams – Risk Management Specialist

Michael Elman – Risk Management Specialist

John McGrath – Risk Management Specialist

Terry Graham – Risk Management Specialist

Karen McCorkle – Risk Management Specialist

Bill Flack – Vice President of Strategic Account Development

Patti Nolan-Lento – Regional Vice President

Jerry McGrath – Regional Vice President (#1 sales leader)



Colleen Smith-Marr – Account Executive (#1 in sales)

Gail West – Account Executive

Heather Chumbler – Account Executive

Kiah Stone – Account Executive

Nancy Bell – Account Executive

Robbie Rivardo – Account Executive

Susan Beebe – Account Executive

Scott Outcalt – Account Executive

Stacey Santroni – Account Executive

Wayne Ramsey – Account Executive

Sue Ellen Burchfield – Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Carolyn Ricketts – Regional Vice President

Stephanie Hart – Regional Vice President (#1 sales leader)


As part of the program, COSL members are awarded a destination trip and additional recognition. This year, the COSL members will enjoy a trip to San Francisco to network with their peers and share best practices.