3 Effective Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

These three effective real estate marketing campaigns differentiate you from the competition.

3 Engaging, Effective Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

Learn How to Market Your Real Estate Business From the Pros

In today’s marketing world, there’s an infinite number of ways to market your real estate business. The amount of creativity in modern marketing can be exciting: you get to choose the campaigns and methods that resonate with you and your brand. The possibilities can just as easily be overwhelming, too, especially with new technology being introduced regularly.

So, if you learn best by seeing examples of what’s worked well for others, this list of 3 real estate marketing campaigns is sure to inspire you to creatively market your own business.

1. Let your sense of humor shine through in video

If you’re comfortable being funny in front of the camera, video could be the perfect marketing tool for your real estate business. Here are some humorous real estate marketing videos and ideas that clients will remember:

  • Call Me Maybe video parody. This real estate group put together a video to the song “Call Me Maybe,” showcasing agents as they went about their jobs. It’s lighthearted and shows that these agents would likely be extremely personable and easy to work with. Think about hit songs of the past or present that could relate to real estate, then get filming.
  • This video tour of a property puts a comical spin on the standard video tour. As you can see, the video quality doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.
  • Channel your inner Phil Dunphy (of Modern Family fame) with a short, funny, and informational video.

2. Turn your car into a mobile marketing mechanism

You’re probably driving around a lot, so why not turn your vehicle into a marketing piece? There are a number of ways to make this method work for you and the return on investment can be quite high.

Custom vehicle wraps that cover your entire car are one option, though you’ll have to be careful to choose a design that doesn’t alienate clients. Smaller decals and magnets can also be placed on doors and windows.

Try to think of something memorable, too. That could be a short, shocking fact, something funny, or truly eye-catching and unique graphic design.

3. Establish yourself as a thought leader in local publications

Real estate is all about getting your name out there and establishing trust with future clients, and publishing content in a local newspaper, magazine, or blog is an excellent way to establish your expertise and get more leads. The concept is similar to blogging, but via a different medium.

The goal here isn’t to promote your business directly. Rather, you want to approach the publication and offer to share your knowledge about the local housing market. Position your pitch in a way that demonstrates the value you’ll bring to their readers. Then, when they need an agent, those same readers will be more likely to reach out to you.

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