5 Ways to Store Holiday Decorations

5 Ways to Store Holiday Decorations

When the holiday season ends, many people quickly take down their decorations without much regard for next year. With the following practical storage tips, you can preserve your Christmas decorations and streamline the decorating process when the season rolls around once more.

  1. Create a blueprint. Before you start taking down your holiday decorations, consider snapping a few photographs to help you plan for next year. Even if you decide to make a few changes or add a few new elements, it’s nice to have a foundation for your decorating strategy. Detailed photos also allow children to get more involved by providing a visual guide for where things should go.
  2. Use an electric cord reel. Since Christmas lights are only as strong as their weakest links, it’s important to prevent kinks and folds. Unfortunately, holiday lights have an uncanny ability to tangle in almost any situation. Unless you want to spend hours untangling and testing your lights next season, consider investing in a quality electric cord reel. Not only will this allow you to easily bundle your lights without the risk of tangling, it can help prevent damage to bulbs and wiring.
  3. Bundle wrapping paper in a safe place. Even a few wrinkles, tears or folds can render wrapping paper useless. Try to preserve your paper by stowing it beneath a bed. If you don’t have room, consider placing it in a guest room closet behind other items, which can provide some amount of protection.
  4. Keep the tree within easy reach. With proper care, your artificial tree can last years. Unfortunately, constant dismantling can take a toll on your tree and cause it to wear out prematurely. Instead of taking everything apart, try to store your tree without completely dismantling it. You should also consider placing your tree on the same floor in a storage room, an adjacent garage or closet, since most artificial trees are too cumbersome to wrestle through attics and basement staircases. To keep your tree free of dust, consider enclosing it in a vinyl Christmas tree storage bag which covers from the bottom to the top. You can use belts to hold branches firmly against the tree base. You should also store your tree in an area that stays between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if the tree is frosted or flocked, since these do not hold up well in extreme temperatures.
  5. Use enclosed containers. It’s a good idea to pack certain decorations in safe, enclosed containers. Instead of wrapping your glass and ceramic ornaments in paper, consider placing them in egg crates. Instead of merely stacking wreaths in the garage, try placing them inside dry cleaning bags and storing them on hangers. Large plastic tubs are also great for storing handmade decorations and holiday crafts, which can deteriorate over time when left exposed to air.

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