Branding Your Custom Home Building Business

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In the home construction business, brand recognition is essential to success. Whether you are building a new identity for your custom home building business or changing your brand midstream, there are certain things you can do to boost awareness in your market.

Start with your logo. Your logo is the single most important part of your branding strategy. Before settling on one, make sure it projects the right message. Does it instantly say custom home builder? Will it inspire credibility and trust? If you aren’t sure, you probably have the wrong logo. On the other hand, if you don’t trust your own instincts, consider working with a marketing firm to organize a customer survey that will provide reliable insight into a few logo options.

Consider a tagline. When you hear “built Ford tough” or “just do it,” you instantly know the companies behind the messages. Taglines can be almost as recognizable as logos. If crafted well, they can also help rebrand a company by conveying a specialty or area of focus.

Choose colors. Consistent colors are a key facet to successful branding. Consider, for instance, CAT’s bright yellow or John Deere green. Make sure you choose one or two corporate colors and stick with them. Include them on printed materials, your website and your uniforms.

Go offline. There are all sorts of online channels that provide fertile nooks where you can plant your logo. At the same time, you can significantly boost brand recognition by bringing your brand into the real world. Consider investing in corporate clothing for field crews and sales staff. When customers see your brand offline, it will help reinforce the message from printed and online materials. If you want to make your brand a household name, you should also consider showcasing your logo on company vehicles.

Spread consistency. If you don’t have uniform banners and logos across your website and social media platforms, that’s something you should fix. Redesign everything to include recognizable graphics. Make sure that your business cards, letterheads, invoices and brochures all share the same logo, look and feel. Include your tagline wherever possible, whether it’s at the top of a webpage or the back of a company work shirt. Remember that branding is all about consistency. If it relates to your company, it needs to include your logo and your message.

Put a face to your message. Homebuilding clients feel more comfortable when they know they’re dealing with a real, recognizable person. Effective brand ambassadors put a human face to their companies to build prestige and trust. Whether it’s your beautiful mug or that of a key contributor, you can really set yourself apart from the competition by associating a familiar face with your brand.

Tailor everything to your market. Make sure you define your market and narrow your focus. Whether it’s your writing style or logo, everything should cater to your company’s ideal home buyer. Young moms, millennials and retirees are all looking for different experiences. Tailor your message, so you will be able to connect more effectively.


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