Custom Builders, Sell More Homes with These Winning Sales Strategies

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Even the most seasoned builder can struggle to develop a reliable sales process that consistently closes deals. Here is how you can create a better sales experience that will help you sell more homes, faster.

Be slow and deliberate. A successful sales process depends on a sequence of mini-closes. You should invite the prospect to take several practical small steps, so he or she will view you more as a trusted adviser. At the same time, you can’t afford to waste too much time investing in a weak prospect. If the buyer begins objecting to any initial steps, you will know that you may be dealing with a difficult customer. In turn, you can divert the client out of the sales loop early on if it looks like you are wasting your time. Just make sure to be gracious, since you don’t want the failed prospect to spread negative sentiment about your company.

Create a customer-focused sales process. Because they have proven, customer-centric sales systems, confident builders do not need to coerce their prospects into a sale. Ideally, your sales process should outline in advance the steps a customer will need to take to secure the home of their dreams. In doing so, you should explore the prospect’s needs and aspirations. You should also consider introducing your prospect to previous satisfied clients. You can also leverage your iron clad guarantees to calm the prospect’s nerves. Throughout all of this, you should also be positioning yourself as an adviser and not as a pushy salesperson.

Give them something to see. Most every builder bombards prospects with promises and guarantees. To set yourself apart, you should do your best to give them more. Most buyers want to see something concrete that will give them a sense of what to expect. Whether it’s a virtual reality scaled model, 3D photo-realistic rendering, an HD virtual video tour or a folder filled with professional photos, visual aids can go a long way toward building excitement and trust.

Sell a home, not a house. Successful builders are able to differentiate between a house, which is merely a physical location, and a home, which is an emotional experience. Project this understanding during every single interaction you have with a prospect. Remember, you aren’t just selling a product to a customer; you are selling a dream to a human being who is, in effect, a bundle of emotions.

Know what you are selling. When a prospect hires a contractor to build a home, there’s no real product for them to buy. Instead, they are investing in a promise that the builder will deliver the home in a specified timeframe. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that what you are really selling is your honesty. Make sure to focus less on the transactional nature of the buying process, and sell the joy of the home, not just the price of the house.


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