Do You Need a Seller’s Home Warranty?

Do You Need a Seller’s Home Warranty?

Do you need a seller’s home warranty?

Many home sellers can get a home warranty plan for free* from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW), where allowed by law, through their real estate agent. This can help them protect major systems (like the water heater) and appliances (especially kitchen appliances like the oven) from normal wear and tear throughout the listing period. If you’re selling your home, here’s why you might want Seller coverage from 2-10 HBW.

Once a buyer makes an offer on a home, there’s usually a waiting period between the offer the closing date. This period is often referred to as being under contract.

Occasionally, things go wrong while under contract. Appliances could break down, the water heater might quit or plumbing systems could fail. If something like this were to happen, it could derail the sale or cost you a lot of money.

That’s why it’s important for sellers to have some sort of plan in place to protect their home during listing. A warranty plan from a warranty company that offers Seller coverage for real estate transactions can be the answer.

What is a home warranty plan?

A home warranty plan provides protection for your home’s most important systems and major appliances. A home warranty covers you against major out-of-pocket expenses when one of these systems or appliances requires repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear.

In other words, working with the right warranty company can reduce the cost of becoming a homeowner. A comprehensive warranty plan from a trusted warranty company like 2-10 HBW can lower your out-of-pocket expenses to address unexpected and unforeseen breakdowns to your systems and appliances.

Warranty coverage typically includes appliances like the refrigerator, oven, trash compactor and dishwasher. Some home systems covered include HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

The perks of Seller coverage when your home is on the market

Here are some of the most obvious perks of Seller coverage from 2-10 HBW while your home is on the market.

  • Complimentary coverage. 2-10 HBW provides complimentary Seller coverage where allowed by law ($60 in Florida). However, only your real estate agent may provide this kind of coverage, so be sure to request Seller coverage from 2-10 HBW for your HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, along with your appliances.
  • Peace of mind. Sellers can rest easy knowing that if systems or appliances break down during listing, they aren’t responsible for the full cost to repair or replace it. Real estate transactions are stressful enough without your appliances or plumbing breaking down right before the new homeowner signs the contract.
  • Makes the home more attractive. When buyers know that their systems and appliances are covered, it makes the home more attractive. The last thing a homeowner wants is for their systems and appliances to break down right after closing. A warranty acts like an insurance policy for buyers and sellers. It can reduce out-of-pocket expenses to a mere service fee. This is especially useful because many first-time buyers mistakenly believe their homeowners insurance will cover everything.

Using Seller coverage is straightforward and simple

Listing real estate can be stressful. The last thing you need during listing is additional complications caused by breakdowns. With Seller coverage, the solution is straightforward and simple.

If one of your home’s systems or appliances break down due to wear and tear while on the market, it’s easy to make a service request. You’d just request service through Homeowner Portal on 2-10 HBW’s website, and a qualified contractor will schedule a visit to your home.

The only cost you would have to pay is a small Service Fee, usually around $100, when the contractor arrived.

This type of warranty coverage is especially useful while under contract when it can be unclear which party is responsible for what. You can use your Seller coverage to protect yourself and your finances without jeopardizing the upcoming closing if a system or appliance stops working properly.

Additionally, a real estate agent can convert your Seller coverage to a buyer’s home warranty. A buyer’s agent may also provide or recommend a warranty contract for the buyer before, during or after the final closing costs come in.

If you’re selling your house and want the most comprehensive protection while it’s on the market, be sure your agent provides you with 2-10 HBW Seller coverage.

*Seller coverage from 2-10 HBW is complimentary where allowed by law ($60 in Florida). It establishes a record of coverage during the listing period. In advance of closing, seller should present the service contract for consideration to all parties in the transaction.

2-10 HBW offers the most comprehensive home warranty coverage for homeowners. Let us help you protect your home.


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