Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your House This Spring

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Countless homeowners choose to celebrate spring by freshening up their homes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget for an expensive overhaul. These simple DIY house projects will give your living space a fresh makeover without putting a dent in your wallet.

Let the sunshine in. Replace your dark, heavy curtains with thinner fabrics that don’t shut out the light. You can also raise your blinds and open windows to let the warm spring air filter inside. Just be sure to check the current pollen count if you tend to suffer from spring allergies.

Bring nature into your home. Reflect the natural beauty of the spring season by strategically placing some potted plants around your home. Start with the entryway, so you can get that springtime feeling right when you walk in the door. You can put succulents and bright spring flowers in inexpensive planters. If your home doesn’t have many areas that see much natural light, you can find plenty of inexpensive artificial plants that look just like the real thing.

Dress up your balcony or patio. You don’t need an expensive overhaul to brighten up your outdoor space. Bring a dreary-looking deck or patio back to life by adding some colorful annuals, perennials or herbs. In shady spaces, you can plant impatiens, begonias or heuchera. For areas that get a lot of sun, consider adding bacopa, petunias or sweet potato vines. You should also consider installing some window box planters to liven up the exterior of your house.

Ignite your senses. You can unleash springtime smells within your home by burning the right scented candles. Some good options include lavender, geranium and citrus, which tend to provide fresher scents that don’t overwhelm the air in your home.

Repaint and redecorate. It’s easy to freshen the look of your home, even if you don’t have a huge remodeling budget. Simply rearrange your furniture or add a few colorful, inexpensive accents. If you have a DIY spirit, consider painting some of your indoor and outdoor furniture in a vivid, springtime color. You can also significantly brighten up your home by adding a fresh coat of paint to your baseboards, trim and crown molding.

Choose springtime accents. Some accents are more seasonal than others. For spring, you should focus on yellow items, along with floral curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads and pillow shams. You can also hang a spring-themed wreath with purple and yellow flowers to greet visitors at your front door.

Light up your deck. Now that winter is over, you are likely to be spending more time outdoors. If you have a deck, you can use some outdoor lightening to create a warm al fresco environment. If you can’t afford an electrician and hardwired lighting, just add some flameless candles and other battery-powered accent lighting. You can also install a couple of inexpensive solar sconces to help enhance the mood for evening gatherings.


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