Explaining Eco-Friendly Home Features to Buyers

Explaining Eco-Friendly Homes to Buyers

Explaining Features of Eco-Friendly Homes to Buyers

In terms of long-term sustainability, a home’s maintenance and operation are just as important as its construction and design. Unfortunately, buyers don’t always appreciate key features that provide long-term savings and a positive environmental impact. By educating buyers about the benefits surrounding eco-friendly homes, builders can help create demand that will sell their properties and make sustainability a mainstream concept.

Selling the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Homes

There has been incredible growth in sustainable building over the past few years, thanks to shifting attitudes about maintenance and energy efficiency. According to a study published by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), green/high-performance features can significantly impact a modern buyer’s home purchase decision. In fact, when ranking the most influential features of a new home, energy-efficiency, low maintenance and lower operating costs ranked two, three and four, just behind safe community.

This data highlights a growing consumer interest in green building. That said, not all homeowners are confident they will get enough bang for their buck. To help your buyers recognize long-term benefits, focus on the following:

Quantify your property’s green assets. Make a comprehensive list of every green asset your home offers. Note whether insulation meets the Department of Energy’s standards, and explain how much a buyer can save on cooling, heating and water.

Provide compelling evidence. If you have before-and-after bills detailing operating cost reductions, share them with the buyer. If you’ve installed native plants, water-conserving rain barrels or have used no VOC paints, let the buyer know.

Sell the benefits, not the features. Too much technical language can turn off prospective buyers, especially if they entered the process without any desire for or knowledge about sustainable homes. Explain how a green home directly impacts their pocket book years down the line. Don’t spend time bragging about a tight thermal envelope. Instead, explain how your property will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Tell them how the property eliminates drafts and pollutants. Buyers want a safe, comfortable environment for their families. Target this desire and communicate in simple ways that link sustainable benefits to their daily lives.

Educating Agents on Eco-Friendly Homes

Too often real estate professionals are caught off-guard when buyers ask about a home’s green assets. Many times, they are simply unaware of green features or do not appreciate the intrinsic value of a green home. Be sure to provide sales brochures that accurately detail your build’s green features. Make sure they will have the knowledge they need to clearly answer questions. Don’t be afraid to include a statement in your marketing materials that describes your property as a path toward a greener, eco-conscious lifestyle that helps protect water/air quality, while helping to reduce climate change.

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