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Happy National Home Warranty Day!

Celebrating the Second Annual National Home Warranty Day

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW®) is in great spirits this week after celebrating both the second annual National Home Warranty Day as well as our 37th anniversary. Coincidentally, both events occurred on February 10, 2017, making the date 2-10.

National Home Warranty Day is devoted to educating the community about the value of structural warranties and Home Warranty Service Agreements. This year, to promote awareness around warranties, we’ve released a series of educational blogs.

In addition, to celebrating National Home Warranty Day and our 37th anniversary, which we refer to as “2-10 Day,” we’ve created a History of 2-10 HBW video. This video demonstrates our history and impact on the Home Warranty industry over the years. Click the image below to view the video.

– Video – Happy National Home Warranty Day!

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