High Tech Home Products That Make Life Easier

High Tech Home Gadgets

Home sweet home is more like home smart home these days, with so many gadgets to automate our lights and thermostat, doorbell cameras, smart refrigerators, smart lights and more.

But gadgetry isn’t limited to turning the lights on and off or keeping the house at the perfect temperature. There also is some cool stuff out there to improve your time in the kitchen, bed and bath. Here are 11 such devices and products to consider for upping your game when it comes to downtime:

Cool in the Kitchen

Think beyond those amazing Bluetooth-connected smart refrigerators to coffee, tea and sous vide.

Can’t live without your morning brew? Then a Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker is for you. One great example is the Nespresso Prodigio Espresso Maker, which allows you to schedule brew time, start a brew remotely, and even manage your capsule stock from your smartphone or tablet.

Rather have tea? Smarter iKettle 2.0 Wifi Kettle allows you to use your device to remotely boil from anywhere in the home and be notified when the water is ready, lets you monitor water levels via the app, select the perfect temp for your perfect cup and allows you to schedule brewing time.

Don’t count your eggs or keep them in a basket, let the Quirky Egg Minder do it for you. This gadget will count your eggs, let you know which ones are oldest and help ensure you don’t buy a dozen when you don’t need to.

Cook from your phone with a variety of products, such as the Wemo Crock Pot Smart Slow Cooker or Anova WiFi Sous Vide Precision Cooker.

The smart Crock Pot connects via Wi-Fi and can be monitored, adjusted and turned off and on via your iOS or Android device. The Anova Precision Cooker connects to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to cook with the touch of a button, and the app lets you schedule so the meal is ready when you get home.

Cool in the Bathroom

Turn your morning shower into a mini spa day with aromatherapy. There are aromatherapy bombs and tablets, but why not let the showerhead do the work for you? A diffuser kit, such as one offered by Uncommon Goods, diffuses essential oils through the hot water.

And when you’re done soothing in the shower, wrap up in a warm towel. Towel warmers are a swanky touch that can cost less than $100 or more than $1,000, and can be found as racks or warming boxes. There is no shortage of types, brands and price points from which to choose.

Take your toilet high tech with an odor-neutralizing seat, such as Kohler’s Purefresh. The battery-powered seat has a carbon deodorizing system and built-in scent-releasing freshener, along with a night light and slow-close feature.

Cool in the Bedroom

Want to keep track of how good or bad your sleep is? Give the Withings Aura Total Sleep System a try. A sensor placed under the mattress measures heart rate, breathing cycles and body movement to analyze sleep. You can then compare your nights with the Health Mate App for iOS and Android.

Another great option for monitoring the quality of your sleep is the Eight Sleep mattress pad, which comes with the added bonus of warming the bed. The pad automatically tracks your sleep starting when you climb into bed. Like the Aura, it keeps tabs on motion, breathing and temperature.

Freshen up the air with a Muji Air Purifier, which sucks up dust, pollen, dander and mites and returns clean air after filtering it through activated charcoal. It also features a jet air setting that recognizes you’re vacuuming around the house and bumps the fan’s speed up for half an hour so your air is just as clean as your carpets.

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