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Piquing Buyer Interest with a Home Warranty

Home warranties protect homeowners from unmanageable repair costs that often occur long after a builder’s warranty has expired. These warranties can also add a valuable selling point to a home and help differentiate it from similar properties. Here’s how a home warranty can help you sell your home when the time comes.

After Your Move

You can purchase system and appliance protection by acquiring a Home Warranty Service Agreement, which protects you from the high repair costs associated with system and appliance breakdowns.

This type of warranty is an annual service agreement that covers the repair or replacement of specified appliances and systems when they break down over time due to normal wear and tear. This powerful tool can help shield you against many of the financial risks that come with home ownership.

When major systems or appliances break down, homeowners often face shockingly high costs that can seriously impact their budgets. A Home Warranty Service Agreement is a great way to insulate against these costs, while also providing invaluable peace of mind.

A standard Service Agreement will cover eligible systems and appliances in both new and pre-owned homes. This usually includes major appliances such as refrigerators and ovens, along with covered electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heating systems. For an added fee, homeowners can also acquire additional protection for nonstandard items, such as water softeners, septic systems and pools.

A homeowner may buy a home warranty at any time. If the house is not involved in a real estate transaction, the homeowner can contact 2-10 HBW directly and ask what types of Home Warranty Service Agreements are available in their specific areas.

If the property is involved in a real estate transaction, an agent can acquire a warranty coverage on behalf of the buyer or seller. In this instance, the warranty is usually funded at closing by either the buyer or seller, depending on their specified agreement.

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