Why Home Buyers Prefer Open Floor Plans

open floor plan

open floor plan

Why Home Buyers Prefer Open Floor Plans

6 Reasons Builders Should Design Homes With Open Floor Plans

It seems like open floor plans are everywhere nowadays, and they’re becoming more and more popular in modern home builds. Open floor plans take spaces that might have felt too small or too enclosed and make them feel airy and open. They improve the traffic flow in a home, too.

But those aren’t the only benefits. Here are six reasons builders should be designing homes with open floor plans in mind.

1. Open Floor Plans Make a Home Feel More Spacious

This first benefit is perhaps the most important in the eyes of homeowners. Walls divide a space and make it feel smaller and more closed off, but an open floor plan accomplishes the exact opposite.

Using open floor plans can have a particularly dramatic effect on smaller spaces, where walls can make the home feel cramped. You don’t even have to forgo all walls. An open layout between the kitchen and living room is sometimes more than enough.

2. Let In Light With An Open Floor Plan

Because open floor plans make homes feel more spacious, it’s no surprise that they also let in more natural light. Without walls to block sunlight it’s easier for a home to take advantage of natural light.

You can even add skylights or solar tubes to the home’s design for more light.

3. Open Floor Plans Give Homeowners More Kitchen Space To Work With

Kitchens are places where family and friends gather together. But, it’s not always a comfortable gathering.

Removing walls that divide the kitchen from the rest of the home is a sure-fire way to give homeowners more kitchen space to move around in. They’ll also have the freedom to reconfigure their kitchen setup if they’d like, an option that’s not easily available with closed floor plans.

4. It’s Easier To Socialize With An Open Floor Plan

Similar to the last point, open floor plans also make socializing and interacting with other people much easier.

Let’s use a dinner party as an example. With an open floor plan hosts can easily cook in the kitchen, all while chatting with guests in the living room and dining area. The benefits extend to daily life, too. With an open floor plan homeowners can spend less time yelling through walls when trying to talk to someone in another room.

5. Improve Traffic Flow With An Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans also make it easier to move around in a home. Without narrow hallways directing traffic, moving from room to room is a breeze. This gives homeowners more freedom to utilize their home in the way that works best for them.

6. Open Floor Plans Make It Easier To Keep An Eye On The Kids

Families with young children will surely appreciate this benefit. Kids can play in the living room, and mom and dad can easily keep an eye on them as they cook, clean and handle other household chores.

If you build homes in a region with plenty of young families, you’ll want to include open floor plans in your designs.

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