Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals

Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

As a broker, you have the responsibility to recruit agents and ensure your office is generating revenue. And, what makes working at your office more attractive are substantial business opportunities, in this case: LEADS. Several ways you can generate leads for your agents are: online, cold calling and referrals.


Is it easy for someone to get in contact with you on your website? Is there a call-to-action asking them to contact you? Your website is more than just a place to host listings and company bio, it’s your virtual shop. Think of it this way, when someone walks in your door, will they be greeted with a person to talk to or just be left to their own devices with your merchandise.

Online leads demand greater responsiveness. The likelihood of closing a lead is diminished in 15 minutes – will you respond?

Cold Calling

When it doubt, have your agents pick up the phone and call. While it can be tough to combat, having a plan set in action for what to say and how to respond to people can make it less daunting. Have your agents:

  • Set aside 3 hours a day for making calls.
  • Create and have script in hand.
  • Check in on past clients and ask for referrals.


Know who to target. With the large Generation Y population entering the market, there leaves a lot of opportunity for referrals. It’s likely you’ve already sold a home to a Generation Y home buyer and they have friends or know of people in the same demographic who are also in the market. This is an ideal situation for agents to follow up with these clients by sending a note in the mail, email or even suggesting a call.