Tips for Bringing it Back Old School with your Marketing Efforts


Technology – we love it and we loathe it. While it offers great tools to help make our lives more efficient, we still end up missing the one-on-one personal connections; especially when it comes to our marketing efforts. Personal touches should very much still be a part of your marketing mix that will help you stand out amongst the technical world. Here are our thoughts on ways to get personal and bring it back old school:

Hand-written notes. There’s something to be said about taking the time to sit down and write a personal note. In today’s technical world, we all know that we can write and send an email within seconds. However, the thought behind a hand-written note can go so much further. We recommend always having personalized stationary on-hand.

Meeting face-to-face. Drop by your client’s house with a basket of treats or even schedule a time to meet for a coffee. You’ll find that there can be so much information lost in translation through email, as well as the emotional aspect that doesn’t quite get conveyed over email. Whether it’s a current or past client, face-to-face meetings are always a great way to receive referrals.

Pick up the phone. Break down the technical barriers and pick up the phone. Give yourself a “one sentence” rule. If you are having a conversation with a client and the text/email takes more than one sentence to explain, doesn’t it seem more efficient to pick up the phone and quickly chat? We build up walls around us using technology to the point that we get afraid to pick up the phone and have a direct, one-to-one conversation. Specifically, in the real estate business you are your brand, so pick up the phone and let your personality shine.

Make a commitment to include at least one of these “old school” marketing tactics in your business and break down the barriers.