Modern Plumbing Innovations Builders Should Utilize

Modern Plumbing Innovations Builders Should Utilize

While home plumbing systems have remained relatively consistent over the years, there are a few new features that can create valuable selling points for your builds. Here are some compelling new products and systems that can improve a home’s plumbing functions.

Modern Innovations

Critical to public health and sanitation, plumbing originated thousands of years ago among ancient civilizations, including the Greek, Roman, Persian and Chinese. While major advancements were seen over the next several centuries, plumbing hasn’t really changed too much in modern times. That said, more and more builders have begun to incorporate modern plumbing accessories that differentiate their builds from similar inventory.

Some of the more popular trends include:

  1. Touchless Fixtures: Touchless plumbing fixtures have been the standard in commercial construction for years. Now, they are transitioning into newly-built homes. Enhanced by a motion sensor, this convenient technology makes is easy to activate a faucet without making physical contact. They also require little maintenance, compared to standard valve and faucet systems.
  2. Tankless Water Heaters: While not necessarily a new technology, tankless water heaters have just begun to make their ways into the average American household. These innovative devices use electric or gas burners to deliver on-demand hot water, regardless of external temperatures. They also eliminate the cost of maintaining 40 to 50 gallons of hot water in a storage tank. This makes them attractive to buyers who prefer energy-efficient homes.
  3. Low-flush toilets: Low-flush toilets have become an industry standard, especially in regions that face water scarcities. Recently, Toto took things a step further by introducing ‚Äútornado” flush technology. Not only do these toilets generate more spinning action to suck water down the trap, they electrolyze the water, disinfecting it naturally without chemicals.
  4. Bidets: Quite popular in Asia and certain parts of Europe, bidets have recently burst onto the U.S. bathroom scene. Installed within toilets or as an individual unit, these devices emit water from a jet to create a more hygienic experience after using the facilities. While not ideal for everyone, a bidet can become an attractive selling point if you understand what types of buyers you are trying to target with your build.
  5. Solar Water Heaters: These units not only lower utility bills, they come with rebates and tax credits to reduce the burden of installation costs. The average solar water heater will outlive a traditional unit by about a decade. It’s also a strong selling point for buyers who want to reduce their carbon footprints.

Should You Incorporate Trendy Plumbing Products?

While they can make a home stand out, modern plumbing products are a bit pricey. Whenever a builder considers assuming more overhead, he or she must weigh the pros and cons, while evaluating the target buyer. If you know your buyers and believe that trendy or energy-efficient enhancements might pique interest, these additions could be good investments. They are also a good way to stand out in competitive markets with a lot of similar-looking homes.

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