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Home builders, real estate investors, and property managers have accelerated their engagement with the Build to Rent (BTR) market, for several reasons.

  • The BTR community housing market could be worth billions of dollars.
  • Single-family homes are in short supply despite crushing demand.
  • Affordability challenges make single-family rentals (SFRs) and rent communities a more realistic path to enjoying the perks of living in a single-family home.

Plus, lessees expect certain amenities and a particular lifestyle, like big backyards and a sense of community, as they pursue their path toward the American Dream.

With so much at stake, everyone needs confidence in their strategies for success in BTR. That’s why builders and investors choose 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW), the industry leader in BTR coverage.


  • 2-10 HBW is the foremost BTR expert, with more than 40 years of experience.
  • No other structural warranty provider can speak as fluently to the risk-management side of BTR as 2-10 HBW.
  • 2-10 HBW provides specifically tailored solutions to help firms identify and address their unique situation.

2-10 HBW revolutionizes BTR coverage with tenant-occupied structural warranty

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For more than 40 years, 2-10 HBW has led the industry in BTR coverage. As the BTR market continues to expand, 2-10 HBW has tailored its industry-leading products and services to further complement the industry’s most-trusted risk-management tools for builders, investors, and lessors.

Introducing: A first-of-its-kind tenant-occupied structural warranty

With a 2-10 HBW tenant-occupied structural warranty, builders and investors can:

  • Protect their reputation and bottom line on every SFR they build and invest in.
  • Safeguard investments in the rental market.
  • Support rental property managers, whether internal or external.

Plus, thanks to 2-10 HBW’s robust experience in the BTR space, no one understands the risks of BTR and how to address them better than 2-10 HBW. For more than 40 years, 2-10 HBW’s traditional structural warranty products and services have provided the guidance and protection that builders have needed when acting as general contractors in the BTR space.

Now, 2-10 HBW’s new BTR product allows investors—along with builders looking to build and hold their homes as lessors—to access the highest-quality risk-management solution in the BTR market.

2-10 HBW addresses risk management in BTR better than anyone

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2-10 HBW has always led the charge in the BTR space, and we continue to be the only structural warranty administrator who can speak fluently to addressing risk in BTR. Our fluency in risk management provides three key benefits that no one else can match.

  • A differentiator: 2-10 HBW’s expert guidance in warranties, agreements, and risk mitigation differentiates you and helps prevent future unforeseen losses. We tailor solutions to meet the needs of the deal based on risk adversity, exit strategy, geography, and more.
  • Front-to-back support: Warranty administration, flexible warranty terms, and our exclusive Front Line Warranty Service let you build your portfolio with confidence.
  • Investment protection: 10 years of structural coverage, which protects builders, real estate investors, and potential exit strategies against the outlandish costs of unexpected structural defects.

2-10 HBW tailors coverage to your unique needs

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Each BTR situation is unique, and 2-10 HBW understands this better than anyone. We work to create a program that fits the deals you have in your pipeline. Whereas other providers may slap a “BTR” sticker on their products and sell you a service that stops when its sold, 2-10 HBW sticks with you from the moment ground is broken to the end of your obligations regarding statues of repose.

Customizable coverage, unmatched support, and clear definitions regarding your responsibilities help you protect your profits and investments, bolster your reputation, and plan for a successful future by controlling what’s behind you.


5 Reasons to Switch to 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

In BTR, there will be countless pretenders who claim to know what they’re doing and how to help you. None has the experience, track record, and trustworthiness of 2-10 HBW.

You deserve the best in BTR. You deserve 2-10 HBW. Get started today.

Learn how you can protect your business and add valuable selling points to your new builds with a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty.

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