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DIY Home Organization Projects for a Clutter-Free School Year

Summer can be chaotic, and it’s easy for your house to get a bit disorganized during the fun of the season. So, before the kids to go back to school, spend some time on home organization.

With so many simple DIY organization projects, it’s easy to set the entire family up for year-long success. Once you have a system that everyone knows how to use, you’ll save time that otherwise would have been spent tidying up. To get started, use these organization tips and fun projects as your roadmap.

Create a landing zone

You may be familiar with the idea of a landing zone, or a spot where everyone can put shoes, backpacks, mail, keys and other essentials. The same principal can be applied to other parts of your home too.

For example, if anyone in your family plays sports, this pegboard organizer is a game changer. You’ll need at least one sheet of pegboard, enough hooks to hang the equipment, a can of spray paint, acrylic paint in another color and a small paintbrush. Simply spray paint the pegboard, draw an outline of each piece of gear, fill in the outlines with acrylic paint and voila — it’s easy to see exactly where each item lives.

Take advantage of vertical space

Hooks and shelves allow you to get more use out of your home’s vertical spaces. Plus, they’re easy to install. Here are some ideas for how you can add more vertical storage to keep organized:

  • Hang hooks for backpacks in your entryway and never deal with scattered bags again.
  • Hang pegboard in the home. It’s the perfect way to organize school supplies and other small items.
  • Install decorative knobs on a wall, then hang buckets from the knobs for more organization.
  • Install a coat rack or series of hooks closer to the ground. Use them to hang shoes and keep the ground clear.
  • Shelves are also great for fabric bins and baskets.

DIY paint chip calendar

Every adult knows the importance of an updated calendar, but getting kids excited about scheduling their days isn’t quite so easy. Make the process more fun with a dry erase paint chip calendar.

Take the kids along on the next Home Depot or Lowe’s trip and let them choose their favorite color swatches. Before you know it, you’ll have a fresh and organized home that’s ready for another hectic school year.

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