Proper Care & Handling of Online Leads

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Proper Care and Handling of Online Leads

What to Do After you Capture New Online Leads

When handled properly, online leads offer big potential that translates into sales. Unfortunately, when they are mishandled, online leads can turn into a time suck that interferes with productivity. If your online leads are piling up, learn the best ways to efficiently turn them into motivated clients.

  • Create a system. Make sure you have a streamlined contact management system with an updated database containing every lead. Anytime you collect a new online lead, immediately add it to the database to make sure no opportunity is overlooked.
  • Assess the value of each lead. Low-probability prospects can waste valuable hours that could have been spent on better leads. It takes a lot of time, energy, money and emotion to work a lead. Determine the best way to allocate your limited resources and prioritize your time accordingly.
  • Reply in kind. If the lead sends you an email, respond with an email. If he or she sends a text, respond via text. People tend to reach out using methods that make them most comfortable. Respect this reality to ensure that things get off on the right foot.
  • Respect their schedules. Even the most eager prospects have a whole list of responsibilities and obligations that consume most of their time. If you connect with a lead who sounds busy, ask if there is a better time that will be more convenient for his or her schedule.
  • Remain patient. In certain instances, it can take more than a year for a lead to transact. This doesn’t mean you should brush the prospect off. Take the time to answer each and every question to establish a strong foundation for a future sale.

Getting an Appointment

Anytime you follow up with a lead, your goal should be booking an appointment. It shouldn’t just be about making contact, touching base, conveying information, bonding, providing market updates, opening dialogue or getting your name out. Always ask for an appointment. If you can’t get the lead to your office, offer to meet at a coffee shop or other neutral, public site. In many instances, this can be much more effective than meeting at a property, which may ultimately dampen your relationship by disappointing the prospective client. By meeting with leads beforehand, you can better assess their needs, desires and financial capabilities. This will help you target properties that are more appropriate for each individual.

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