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Tips for Real Estate Agents to Score Listings


As a real estate agent, you have the challenging job of making a great first impression to a potential seller to gain their listing, especially if you’re new to the business. So, how do you make the compelling argument that you’re the right person for the job? Here are a few tips:


Do your research

Before you approach a potential client, do as much research as you can on the seller, their property and neighborhood.

  • Look up potential clients on Facebook and LinkedIn to get a sense of their lifestyle to help you determine how to approach them.
  • Check out past MLS records to see when their property was last sold and for how much.
  • Have an understanding of overall property values in the neighborhood. Are new construction homes being developed in the area? Is a shopping center being built nearby?


Your research will also help you identify the type of people you should market the home to, which will show your seller that you’re prepared and detail-oriented.



If you’re a seasoned real estate agent, develop slides that showcase your previous successes. For example “Last year all of my listings sold in under 20 days and for 3% more.” In addition, reach out to previous clients for testimonials about their experience using your services.


If you’re newer to the business, quote your local association or the MLS’ home buying statistics. In addition, leverage your previous experience whether you have a background in marketing, sales or if you’ve even bought or sold a home yourself.


Added benefits

Let potential clients know about the services they’ll receive once they list with you. Do you utilize premier listing tools and social media to help you expand your reach to thousands of potential buyers? Do you protect every home with a home warranty?