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Strategies for Real Estate Agents – Using the Neighborhood as a Selling Point


As a real estate professional, you understand that buying a house can be a stressful and emotional experience for the buyer. Whether they’re urban hipsters or a middle-class family with kids, both buyers are looking for a home where they can create memories and call their own. Help them confidently make the biggest investment of their life by providing them a complete list of details about the neighborhood.


Details, Details, Details

When listing the home, it’s critical to include information about the neighborhood. This goes beyond the usual checklist of surrounding schools, but including information about local parks, community pools, recreation areas and hiking trails. Do your own research by using online tools like Zillow, Trulia and SiteGeist that will help you identify local amenities and break down the demographics of the area so you can give the buyer a better picture of the lifestyle.


Know the Neighbors

The best real estate agents know that selling a home isn’t just about what’s inside the house. It’s important to characterize the neighborhood openly and honestly so potential buyers know that they’re choosing the right place. If it’s a suburban neighborhood, you can mention things like local book clubs, block parties or holiday festivities. It’s also worth looking into local crime statistics to verify that a neighborhood is safe. More urban buyers may be interested in walkable neighborhoods, live-work options, home offices or local coffee shops with free Wi-Fi. If you are working in a community mostly filled with quiet families and retirees, say so. You should do the same if it’s a vibrant community of young people with artistic personalities and lots of cultural opportunities. Once you have a better understanding of the lifestyle the area offers, you can better market the home to the right buyer.


Getting Out and About

Since we all have lives outside the walls of our homes, it’s important to consider transportation and infastructure. Find out what transportation options and traffic obstacles exist in the neighborhood. Knowing that the local elementary school is within walking distance on safe sidewalks makes a big difference to anxious parents. The same goes for being able to jump on a rail car or bus to get to a job in a downtown area in a reasonable amount of time, or being able to bike to the local entertainment district for dinner and a movie.

Equiping yourself with this information will elevate your offering above a comparable home in your community. Real estate is a fast-paced environment where your competitors are often focused on volume rather than character. When other listings only supply the bare bones of a home, yours will stand out with its rich detail and thoughtful description, not just of the house, but of the wonderful memories that are yet to come.