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How to Keep Your Lawn Green All Summer Long

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your lawn ready for picnics in the backyard, lounging on the grass in the sunshine, games of catch, and everything else that warm weather brings.

Maintaining a lush lawn isn’t always easy, especially when temperatures begin to soar. Luckily, these essential lawn care tips and tricks will help keep your yard green all season long.

Feed your lawn in late spring

Feeding your lawn with an appropriate fertilizer will strengthen every blade of grass. It’s important to fertilize in late spring, too. By the time harsh summer conditions like drought become a problem, your lawn should be stronger and more resilient.

The best type of fertilizer for your grass depends on many factors. When in doubt, a trip to your local home and garden store is always helpful. You’ll have a chance to talk with experts who know what’s best for the type of lawn seed and the region.

Don’t fertilize your lawn if it’s going to rain

If it will rain within 24 hours of application, save your fertilizer for another day. Doing so prevents the fertilizer from washing away and keeps it out of the groundwater supply.

When cutting your lawn, mow high

A short lawn isn’t necessarily a healthy lawn. In fact, taller blades of grass are more efficient at “finding” water because they develop deeper root systems. Tall grass also shades the soil, which means you won’t need to water the lawn as often. Set the lawnmower blades as high as possible when mowing. Don’t worry about bagging the clippings, either. They’ll give the soil an extra dose of nutrients and some additional shade.

Water your lawn the right way

It’s best to water your lawn deeply, infrequently, and early in the morning. Rather than watering your lawn daily, try watering for an extended period each week. This allows water to soak into the ground, which promotes deep, more drought-resistant root systems. You can even use a soaker hose or low-angle sprinkler to boost efficiency.

Watering during the hottest parts of the day leads to evaporation, which needlessly wastes precious water resources. Always water in the morning or evening. Many cities even have summer water restrictions that limit when you can water your lawn and for how long. Be sure to check and abide by any local rules.

If you notice standing water in your lawn, it’s a good idea to learn more about the causes and solutions.

Consider living with less of a lawn

Taking care of a lawn requires a lot of time and resources. Fortunately, homeowners have a lot of landscaping options.

Xeriscaping is landscaping designed for water conservation. You can use different plants and trees with stunning results. No-mow lawns are also becoming more popular. These lawn seed mixes are drought-resistant and low-maintenance; with the same lushness you’d expect from traditional seed.

No matter how you choose to create and maintain your yard, getting a head start now will ensure your outdoor space is ready for fun all summer long.

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